Touchless Openers

With social distancing measures looking to be a sure thing for at least the near future face masks and hand sanitizers have been the main focus of helping protect yourself and prevent the spread of coronavirus. Now more than ever, creating a healthy environment within your facility is essential. But we’ve found a few touchless openers, that can also keep you safe and germ-free: no-touch door openers.

Reducing skin-to-surface touch-points with Hands free door pulls for your workplace and home. We help you reduce The transmission of germs.

Touchless door hardware solutions coupled with proper hardware cleaning techniques improve facility safety by mitigating the spread of germs through high frequency touch points within a building.

Learn more today! Innovative door solutions. Hands-Free arm pulls & hands-Free foot pulls.

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Door Pulls by HON

These door hardware attach to any door allowing for hands free door opener for entrance and exit doors. Mounting hardware is included for attaching to wood and steel doors. Offered in textured black and textured titanium paint, and are available in 5 and 15 packs.

These options are great for a metal door or wood doors and the perfect addition to restroom doors. They have a wide grip so they are easy to use.

Foot Operated

Upper Body / Arm

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Touchless Door Opener & Stylus

Touchless door opener allows you to open doors without touching handles and serves as a touch-free stylus for keypads.

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Advantus Touchless Door Opener

Hook doors to open or use to pull levers and handles. Helps you avoid germs and contaminated surfaces. Built-in stylus tip for pressing touch screens.

hygienic tissues for opening doors

Hygienic Tissue for High Touch Surfaces

One-at-a-time tissue dispenser is perfect near all germ hot spots such as door handles, elevator buttons, breakrooms and restrooms, reducing the risk of spreading germs.

Hygienic Tissue Dispenser

wax paper for opening doors

Wax Paper for Touching Handles/Food

Use these thin wax paper sheets to safely touch handles, containers, cups, lids, and anything else in the kitchen area.

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