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Eco-Products Cutlerease

This countertop Touchless Utensil Dispenser System delivers utensils touch-free, preventing the accumulation and transfer of germs and bacteria. It features a compact space saving design that delivers utensils handle first.

Refills have a convenient tape tab for easy pick up and loading of cutlery into the cartridge without having to touch any part of the cutlery. Utensils are BPI Certified 100% compostable, supporting zero waste programs.

Cartridges slide in and out for easy loading.

Red tab indicates when cartridge is low.

Priming trigger loads cutlery with one touch.

Features & Benefits

Set Up & Loading



Touchless Utensil Dispenser Systems are provided free of charge and shipped directly to your facility within 10 days.
There is an initiation fee of $35 for each Cutlerease Dispensing System (3 cartridges & base).

Customer agrees to buy all cutlery from AAA Business Supplies & Interiors, which is normally delivered next business day.
A lease agreement is required to participate in the program.


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