UVC Cell Phone Sanitizer & Small Accessories

Keep your phones and other small items clean with these UVC Cell phone Sanitizers. There are many options to choose from.

UVC Wand With Travel Case

UV-C sterilizing wand with travel case. Charge via USB-C.

UVC WandDesktop Stand

UV-C sterilizing wand. Stores vertically on desktop.

UVC Wand With Power Bank

UV-C sterilizing wand includes a power bank. Micro USB input, USB-A output.

UVC Case-Wireless Charger

Disinfect your phone with UV-C light while wirelessly recharging.

UVC Carrying Case

Travel case to disinfect phone & other small items with UV-C light. Includes zipper & handle.

UVC Case – Recharger

Disinfect your phone and other small items while also recharging it with via USB-C.

NuvoMed UV Portable


Use this UVC cell phone sanitizer to disinfect your phone and other small items with UV-C light.

UVC Case

Use this case to disinfect your phone and other small items with UV-C light.

Sterilizer & Wireless Charger

Desktop UV-C sterilization lamp with wireless phone charging.

NuvoMed UV Charger

UVC Sterilizing Box

Place small items in this box for UV-C sterilization.

NuvoMed UV Box

UVC Desk Light

Sanitizing power of Visible Light Disinfection provides the ultimate healthy light.

UVC Mobile Sterilizer Lamp

A portable UVC sterilization lamp used to disinfect both surfaces & the air in any type of room, 100-800 sq. ft. in as little as 15 minutes.

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