Victory Electrostatic Sprayers

Victory Electrostatic Sprayer

How do Electrostatic Sprayers Work?

Electrostatic sprayers apply electrostatically charged disinfectant mist onto surfaces and objects.

The spray contains positively charged particles which aggressively attach to negatively charged surfaces versus simply “floating” in the air.

As the positive droplets are attracted to all negative surfaces, they seek out uncovered areas to attach to, applying themselves evenly to all surfaces, even if they are not directly sprayed onto them. This results in optimal overall coverage and disinfection.

Electrostatic sprayers contain an electrode that atomizes the disinfectant solution (i.e. combines it with air) so the sprayer can produce the required positively charged mist.

Be sure to check that the disinfectant you are using supports sprayer application.

What are the Key Benefits of an Electrostatic Sprayer?

– Provides excellent overall coverage and disinfection, keeping employees safer and reducing the associated costs of illness

– Reduces the time and labor required to disinfect surfaces, including hard-to-reach places, by up to 65% compared to conventional methods

– Applies disinfectant evenly and efficiently, reducing the amount of chemical needed per square foot of coverage, lowering costs and eliminating the health and environmental concerns of overuse

Why Choose Victory Innovations Electrostatic Sprayers?

Victory is a pioneer in electrostatic sprayers, having offered the first handheld cordless machine

Includes a patented double charge system, which ensures an optimal charge on sprayed particles

Sprayers are cordless and lightweight to use, and simple to operate, including the easy-to-fill tank

Nozzle settings are adjustable to meet dwell time requirements of different disinfectants

16.8V lithium ion battery provides 4 hours of continuous runtime on a single charge

Comparison vs. Clorox 360: Much less expensive, cordless, lighter weight, longer run time, covers more square feet per tank, and allows freedom to choose any brand of disinfectant

Product Specs

image product spec sheet


image victory handheld

Victory Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer VP200ESK

The Victory VP200ESK handheld sprayer is designed to be lightweight and portable. With coverage of up to 2,800 sq ft per tank, it provides high coverage from a compact unit.

Handheld VP200ESK

image victory backpack

Victory Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer VP300ESK

Victory VP300ESK backpack sprayer is a high production unit while remaining portable and lightweight. Covering up to 23,000 sq ft per tank means less down time having to stop and reload.

Backpack VP300ESK

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