Puraclenz Air Purifiers

Puraclenz air purifiers use a patented technology to create and circulate ions throughout your space to dynamically deactivate viruses, bacteria, allergens and mold spores in the air and on surfaces.

Why Puraclenz ~ Next-Gen ~ How Puraclenz Works ~ Ordering Options

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Why is a Puraclenz air purifier right for your workplace?

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  1. 1. Proactively cleans air around your employees, clients, and customers.
    Suction-based HEPA filtration systems trap pathogens after they’ve traveled in the air and through the filter unit. Ions, on the other hand, dynamically deactivate pathogens mid-air and on exposed surfaces, cleaning throughout an indoor space, thereby reducing the chance viruses reach others or settle on surfaces.
  2. 2. Purify surfaces missed by hand cleaning.
    Save time and money by reducing your dependence on spray disinfectants and foggers. Puraclenz ions proactively clean difficult-to-reach surfaces, reduce the risk of human error, and enable continuous coverage in the most challenging environments.
  3. 3. Proven to clean viruses and dangerous bacteria.
    Independently-conducted efficacy tests confirm, in typical indoor settings, that Puraclenz is proven effective in reducing viruses and dangerous bacteria in the air.
  4. 4. Continuous, 24/7 air ionization coverage for virtually any size commercial space.
    A single P3000 is designed to purify spaces up to 3,000 sq ft. With multiple units, the coverage area is virtually limitless.
  5. 5. Safe for your workplace.
    Puraclenz air purifiers ar
    e safe to use while employees, clients and customers are in the building. Puraclenz generates no fumes and is certified ozone-free.
  6. 6. Easy to install.
    Weighing under 3 pounds, and only 11” tall, the P3000 unit is easy to handle. Place it on a table or floor, plug it in, and start enjoying a cleaner environment. Mounting brackets are included for optional wall or ceiling installation.

Next-Gen PCO Air Purification

Puraclenz air purifiers evolved from technology to chemically create clusters of neutral gas molecules in the air we breathe. The PCO process uses an internal UV light that reacts with a titanium dioxide coated catalyst to produce positive and negatively charged ions that deactivate pathogens.

What are ions?

An ion is an atom or molecule that has gained or lost an electron, giving it a positive or negative electrical charge. When ions disperse throughout a space, they react with single-celled organisms to break down their cellular membranes and destroy the cell. After interaction, the molecules lose their electrical charge and are released back into the air as water vapor.

Puraclenz’s ultra-efficient catalyst design uses UV lamps that produce no ozone emissions. PCO has over 40 years of peer reviewed studies performed by third party independent labs and universities that validate its kill claims.

Using air as a medium to deliver ions allows Puraclenz to clean pollutants exposed to the air, including respiratory droplets and hard to-reach exposed surfaces missed by hand-cleaning or HEPA filters.

How Puraclenz Air Purifiers Works

A U.S. patent protecting Puraclenz’s next-gen cell design was granted in 2020. The multi-blade design reflects UV light inside the core with ultra-efficiency. Each blade is shaped to reflect UV light onto the back side of the blade next to it, generating an extraordinary amount of ions for a PCO device.

The unique aerodynamic conical shape further increases ion generation by maximizing contact time with the reactive titanium dioxide surface.

This revolutionary design provides a large area of cleaning coverage with a small footprint and very low energy consumption.

Puraclenz products are designed to deactivate pathogens in the air before reaching other people in the room, without requiring circulation through a filter.

This short video below tells a great story on how Puraclenz works

Puraclenz Air Purifier Ordering Options

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Puraclenz P1500
For spaces up to 1,500 sq ft. – Great for medium size open spaces, conference rooms, breakrooms, private offices and classrooms.

puraclenz p3000 link image

Puraclenz P3000
For extra large spaces up to 3,000 sq ft. – Reception areas, cafeterias, large open spaces, hallways and auditoriums.