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A holistic approach to the health of your employees would not be complete without addressing the breakroom.  Even though this room might now fit less people, it will still be in high demand for employees who need to get away from their desks and take a break. See some ideas below on how to make this room safe and functional.     

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Breakroom Furniture

“TOGETHERNESS” DESPITE RESTRICTIONS. AAA can create an open and inviting workplace cafĂ© for any office environment.

image single serve solutions

Single Serve Solutions

Breakroom configurations are changing. Let AAA help with rethinking your breakroom setup and coffee brewer options, to create a safe environment.

image breakroom Reconfiguration


Reconfiguring your breakroom is likely to need more social distancing, or barriers, and perhaps different finishes and fabrics. Let our team help you keep this a vibrant and safe space!

image durable finishes

Durable Finishes

Breakrooms have some of the most frequently touched surfaces in your office. Choosing finishes that can be effectively cleaned & disinfected will help keep everyone safe while sharing this common area.

image ppe organizers

PPE Organizers

PPE organizers will likely become an essential part of every breakroom in order to keep teams safe and feeling comfortable in this important shared space.

image disinfecting wipes

Disinfecting Wipes

Because of their fast kill times, wipes are great for quickly disinfecting counters, tabletops, and equipment after each use. Refillable buckets are perfect for hightouch, high-traffic areas like breakrooms.

image signage


Signage and floor decals are used to relay new company protocols that include social distancing, cleaning protocols, office traffic flow, and best practices.

image touch-free fixtures

Touch-free Fixtures

Touch-free paper towel, soap, utensil and napkin dispensers eliminate cross-contamination and save money. Convert to a step-on waste basket to enhance safety further.

image cleaning & Disinfecting

Cleaning & Disinfecting

The breakroom is likely to be cleaned and disinfected much more often. We have the equipment and supplies to make sure it is done easily and effectively.

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