Breakroom Furniture

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Birk Tables by Hon

Birk’s sleek and simple design offers enough shapes and sizes to get you exactly what you want without making things too complicated. With five different table heights and sizes to choose from, any workspace can give its workers a convenient place to take notes or take five.

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Between Tables by Hon

Hon Between tables can be used in multiple areas throughout your office such as breakrooms, cafés, and breakaway spaces.

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Proof Tables by KFI Studios

Proof tables are an ideal solution for cafés, break areas, meeting and conference rooms, collaborative spaces and more. Available in four heights, a variety of finishes, laminates and solid wood, Proof tables are the perfect complement in any space.

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Parma Tables and Foray Stools By ERG

Parma Tables come standard with a three inch top and have an array of useful applications for training, dining, or multi-use areas. The full laminate panel leg pictured here, looks great ganged, when putting two tables together. The Parma series is also available with straight and angled metal legs, for a sleeker look.

Foray Stools have a distinct dynamic contour design and style. The upholstered seat is available in a wide selection of antimicrobial fabrics. The frame is comes in easy to clean welded steel or polished chrome.

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Skyline Tables by Encore Seating

Reach new heights with Skyline, a versatile collection of occasional and meeting tables that draw a well-cut line between form and function. The slender table-top is the ideal counterpart for its robust pedestal base, offering a contemporary perspective on classic design elements without compromising on durability and substance.

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Delen Meeting Tables by Arcadia

Wood and metal elements combine to create eye-catching details that set Delen apart from the rest. Its casual setting naturally evokes sharing, collaborating, and engaging, while a variety of heights and sizes ensures meetings of all styles can be enjoyed en masse, and with untold purpose.

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Starkie Stools by Arcadia

With three stool heights, Starkie Stools feature simple, timeless forms that coordinate perfectly across all interiors. The linear design is thoughtfully detailed, with softened curves and rounded edges, all of which intersect at deliberate points along the frame. 

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Ruck Chairs By HON

Easy to move, stack and create distance, Ruck seating brings effortless style to working alone or together. Available in a variety of finishes in both seated and stool heights, Ruck clicks with its surroundings whether in a collaborative area, café setting, or as a side chair in a private office.

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Verve Chairs by Stylex

Verve is a versatile plastic shell chair program that offers inspiring, affordable, ergonomic cleanable seating in the types of flexible spaces where people now eat and socialize. 

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Twig Chairs by Scandinavian Spaces

Twig fits into any café and lunchroom environment that requires flexible solutions. And when function and innovation meet, your bag gets its own place to hang out. Options include an upholstered cleanable seat cushion.

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Flock Modular by Hon

Flock’s modular system components are a great addition to any café or lunchroom. All surfaces and seating are available in antimicrobial fabrics and finishes. Flock is versatile in any space.

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Astir Seating by Hon

The Astir line supports social distancing and privacy. The optional high screens add protection between tables, and are also easy to reconfigure for a versatile space. 

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Co Op Meeting Lounge by Arcadia

Taking its cue from the shared society of today, Co-op is all about bringing people together. Designed to function equally well in existing or new spaces, these open to semi-private meeting or café enclaves can be positioned anywhere and require no elaborate construction to create a custom built-in feel.

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Laguna Modular Seating by ERG

The Laguna collection consists of a variety of pieces comprised of banquettes, lounges, benches, ottomans, and tables. This versatile modular system will enhance any space. Great for common areas, cafes, and lobbies with an array of options and finishes for a truly visionary design.

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Freestanding Barrier Shields by Johnson Plastics Plus

Protect employees with this economy safety 4-way barrier. The high-quality, optically clear acrylic creates a protective physical barrier and divided spaces while still allowing for person-to-person interaction. This four-way divider is perfect for tabletops, conference rooms and lunch tables and is easily secured with an acrylic top and bottom disk to create additional stability.

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•Tempered glass for increased safety
•Sturdy and durable aluminum structure
•Mobile and easily moved different areas and spaces
•Writable glass dry-erase surface
•Easy to clean, sanitize, and disinfect

Mobile Glass Screens by MasterVision

This mobile glass panel divider helps users maintain a safe space, while still allowing for visual interaction.

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Desktop Glass Barriers by MasterVision

These aluminum framed glass desktop barriers help users maintain contact while still being protected. Easy to clean and sanitize these are the ideal product for shared office spaces.

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Freestanding Acrylic Screens by HON

Get your office back up and running with easy to install acrylic screens by HON. These screens are available as both front and side panels, in two heights and various widths. AAA offers a simple way to get the office solutions you need delivered with speed.

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