Rethinking the Breakroom / A Socially Distanced Breakroom / Smaller More Distributed Coffee Stations

Rethinking the Breakroom

Employees want and need their comfort drinks and caffeine to be happy and productive. However, they may no longer feel safe using your busy kitchen area, or going to a public coffee shop.

It may be time to rethink the breakroom, providing more social distancing and fewer chances for cross contamination. You can either redesign your current breakroom, or move to mini coffee stations throughout your facility. Unplumbed brewers, needing no water line connections, enable you to easily and affordably achieve this.

A Socially Distanced Breakroom

If you want to retain the same basic breakroom footprint as before, we can provide design suggestions, signage, touch-free options, reconfiguration services, and furniture that can be effectively and easily disinfected. Some recommended breakroom setup idea are:

1. Social DistancingIncrease Social Distancing – Set up brewers at least six feet apart and add floor signage to maintain safe distance. Plus check out our Breakroom Furniture and Breakroom Reconfiguration sections for furniture design related suggestions.
2. Good Hand Hygiene – Provide hand cleaning signage, antimicrobial soap, and hand sanitizer for use before and after making a cup of coffee.
3. Cleaner Coffee Stations – Provide disinfectant wipes or sprays to sanitize brewers, water coolers and microwaves before and after use, and add signage to indicate when brewer was last cleaned.
4. Minimized Touch Points – Switch to single serve brewers, such as Keurig, utilize disposable cups dispensed in a single cup dispenser, and stock stations with single-serve packets of sugar, creamer, utensils and stirrers. Provide stylus pens to each employee for brewer interactions, and wax paper sheets to minimize cross contamination from touching surfaces or food.
5. General Cleaning – Provide disinfectant sprays to frequently wipe down high touch surfaces such as refrigerator handles and doors, cabinet and drawer handles, doorknobs, light switches etc, and provide disinfectant solutions and mops or autoscrubbers for cleaning and disinfecting floors.
6. Recycling – Include Grounds to Grow On® bins to facilitate self-removal of brewed K-Cups and to support zero waste to landfill goals.

Smaller More Distributed Coffee Stations

Supplemental Coffee Carts

Personal Desktop Brewing

Dedicated Coffee Stations

Dispersed Brewing Stations

AAA can help you rethink your current setup by creating distributed brewer locations throughout your workspace, maximizing social distancing while minimizing possible cross contamination. From independent stations to stand alone carts to individual brewers on the desktop, we can find a solution that meets your needs.

Together We Can Solve Your Reopening Challenges.

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