When an employee is on the move, whether that be in a hallway or any space in between, there are opportunities to communicate policies, traffic flow, capacity limits, and important and exciting company messaging. In addition, safety supplies may need to be added and ancillary furniture may need to be changed. See below for some ideas on how to improve movement and safety in these communal spaces.

Communal Area Individual Seating

Individual seating is an easy way to set up social distancing requirements within a communal area. AAA can create a space where people can congregate and social distance in style.

Durable Finishes

AAA offers durable, cleanable and anti-microbial finishes for all surfaces and seating in your communal area.

Reconfiguring Communal Spaces

AAA can help to integrate protective measures into your business that are individually tailored to meet your needs of both protection and design.

Hygiene Stations

Hand sanitizer stands are perfect for high touch communal areas, taking up little space and offering easy repositioning.

PPE Organizers

PPE organizers are available in many configurations to facilitate placement throughout communal areas.


Signage can be used to relay new company protocols that include social distancing, cleaning protocols, office traffic flow, and best practices. Display options include repositionable floor pedestals, low profile wall decals and sign holders, and counter displays.

Together We Can Solve Your Reopening Challenges.

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