Reconfiguring Communal Spaces


Breakout Space

AAA can install freestanding screens that break up a room so you can continue to utilize your existing furniture and makes the most out of your space.

breakout 1
breakout 2

Communal Workspace

Adding functional barriers to separate your current furnishings will help to properly distance employees. Additionally, adding desktop barriers to work surfaces in communal spaces allows that area to remain functional and gives the user added protection.


Communal Lounge

Choose mobile personal lounge pieces to reconfigure your space. These pieces offer both cleanability and protection to users. The four-sided lounge units allow people to touchdown and face away from one another. Add a light scale and easy to clean pull-up table, vinyl upholstery and wood laminate accents for easy cleaning.

Individual Seating





Whether it is a communal area or individual seating stations, AAA can customize your space with the essential pieces needed. In high traffic areas, such as collaborative spaces, flexible barriers and sanitation stations are crucial in providing cleanliness and added protection for workers. With these tools AAA can design layouts that are customized to your existing space.

Mobile Screen & Dividers


Biome Taiga Grow Dividers


Planters are a great way divide up space in your communal areas. In addition to bringing nature indoors, they offer enhanced acoustics and help to clean the air.

planter 2

IQ Mobile Planters by Scandinavian Spaces

layout 1
layout 2

Quick Screens by Stylex

Quick Screens by Stylex are available with casters, making it easier to divide up your space or stand-alone with the option of being grouped together. Select fabrics can ship in 10 days.


Zori Screens by Enwork

Mobile boards are a great addition to any communal space. See through acrylic screens provide separation and a sense of community. White boards encourage an open exchange of ideas, while providing a barrier between users.

rumba screens

Rumba Screen Whiteboard by Safco

The whiteboard collaboration screen features a full whiteboard on both sides of the screen allowing users easy access, while providing enough space to expand on ideas. The screens are easily movable on two locking casters, enabling them to be configured and reconfigured to meet changing office needs. The screens are perfect for creating ideas, using as a space divider or even as a projector screen.

glass screen

•Tempered glass for increased safety
•Sturdy and durable aluminum structure
•Mobile and easily moved different areas and spaces
•Writable glass dry-erase surface
•Easy to clean, sanitize, and disinfect

Mobile Glass Screens by MasterVision

This mobile glass panel divider helps users maintain a safe space, while still allowing for visual interaction.

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