While employees are now accustomed to meeting virtually, there is still a lasting benefit to meeting in person while in the office. However, that may take some redesigning of conference areas, permitting more flexibility and less density with table and seat arrangements, as well as adding accessories, such as those shown below, to keep meeting attendees safer. To discuss reconfiguring your conference areas, please reach out to us today!

Conference Room Barrier Shields

Barriers create separation to your existing space, and can be designed to enhance productivity. They are made with easy to clean materials to maintain a healthy workspace.

Conference Boards

More than the perfect writing surface, glass conference boards are easy to clean and disinfect. Available in stock sizes, or customize everything you wish from size and glass color to custom graphics.

PPE Organizers

PPE organizers are designed for high traffic environments. They can hold a tissue box, face mask box, and a hand sanitizer dispenser. These organizers ensure employees have access to protective products in any space.

Touch-free Accessories

No matter the size of your office meeting or conference rooms, touch-free accessories that offer increased safety protocols are needed for this highly used, shared space.

Hygiene Stands

Hand sanitizer floor stands are a convenient way to deploy hand sanitizer throughout your facility. Their ease of movement allows you to position sanitizer wherever needed, whenever needed.

Air Purifiers

Keep productivity alive and your employees healthy with air and botanical purifiers. Studies show that air purifiers increase cognitive productivity as well as diminish airborne particles.

Signage & Floor Decals

Signage, floor decals and floor mats are used to relay new company protocols regarding social distancing, hand hygiene, healthy practices, office traffic flow, and best practices.

Durable Finishes

In this time when cleaning the workplace is paramount to bringing workers back to the office, you need materials that can be properly disinfected and retain their quality. Here are some durable finishes that you should know about.

Chair Signs

Chair signage is used to block off seating to maintain needed social distancing in a shared space.

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