Conference Boards


Glass boards match the modern aesthetic of offices and co-working spaces, including mobile glass boards, glass boards that “float” as if separated from the wall, and low profile glass boards that seem built into the wall.

AAA offers products that add interest, color, functionality, and cleanability to any meeting or conference space.

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Mobile Glass Boards by Ghent

As workplaces continue to change, it’s important to make sure the furniture and products you buy adapt to complement those changes.

The mobile Glass boards by Ghent divide space, and are easy to clean.

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Glass Boards by Clarus

When considering how you might replace porous fabric tack boards or traditional whiteboards in response to the COVID-19 crisis, Clarus’ glass boards offer the perfect solution. AAA can help you customize everything about your board, from size and glass color to custom logos or graphics.

A timeless magnetic glass board could be your safer, cleaner, more sustainable option for creative memo boards and collaborative work surfaces.

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AAA’s single mission is to deliver products and experiences that leave our customers with a feeling of “That’s Exactly What I Wanted!” Helping you work better, we want to make sure you find the glass, dry erase, mobile and bulletin board for communication, collaboration, and learning.

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