Existing Panel System Extensions

Panel Shield by Tayco

Tayco’s Panel Shield screens offer substantial protection by extending the height of the existing panel up to 24”.  These screens are comprised of easy to clean materials that help reduce the risk of spreading infection in the workplace. Screens fit into the slotted top cap.

Apex Privacy Screens by Maverick

Frosted acrylic privacy screens can be clamp mounted to any existing Maverick freestanding troughs and laminate end panels.

Abound Gallery Panels by Hon

In today’s distanced workplace, Abound gallery panels are a great way to divide space between occupants that are currently working too close together. Laminate gallery panels attach to the spine of your existing Abound workstation and are an impressive addition to your station. The Abound station above is also shown with a 15” frameless glass panel extension that slides into the top cap trough.

Frameless Glass by Hon

HON offers a frameless glass option to their existing panels systems that is quick and easy to install into the slotted top cap. Due to the non-porous and antimicrobial properties of glass, these surfaces can be wiped clean of all germs and bacteria with bleach or other cleaners without damaging the integrity of the product. Glass sets the standard for cleanliness.

Universal Panel Stackers by HON

Hon’s new glass stackers can be used on any panel system between 2″ – 3.4″ thick. Panel stackers are offered either 15″H or 22″H with lengths from 24″ to 96″. AAA can help you provide a safe and effective distance between your employees by simply and quickly adding these universal glass stackers.

Mounted Shield Screen by Friant

Friant Shield clamp mounted screens come in your choice of fabric or acrylic screens and are supported by a universal mount that will fit to the top of any existing panel. Shield screens have a selection of finishes and sizes that will customize to your space.

Skyline Magnetic Screen by Enwork

No matter which panel system you have, if it has a metal frame, this Enwork Skyline magnetic screen can be attached to it. They are available in 3 acoustic fabrics, frosted acrylic, and clear acrylic. Available in 12”h, 16”h or 24”h to provide more protection to existing stations.

Stack-On Screens by Enwork

Enwork Stack-On Screens feature a clamshell style bracket that creates a sturdy connection to join existing screens. These extended screens are available in frosted or clear acrylic and can attach to any existing panel screens  ¼”-1” thick.

Stackers by MergeWorks

MergeWorks’ cost-effective solution to add visual and sound privacy to your existing panel system while at the same time updating the look of your office.  With multiple mounting and finish options, Stackers™ install easily on top of most office cubicle panel systems to provide both a visual and sound barrier between workstations to reduce distractions, interruptions and absorb sound.

Existing Panel System Extensions

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