Reconfiguring Existing Workstations

Reconfiguring Existing Workstations to help your returning to the workplace will present new design and space planning challenges. Delivering a floorplan that allows for social distancing and team collaboration between employees will be paramount.

AAA Business Interiors will deliver flexible and practical solutions for the future of your workspace by Reconfiguring Existing Workstations. 

Watson offers an open plan workstation with a flexible power rail that results in a workstation that departs from the restrictive grid of traditional linear planning.  This configuration offers a bended space that improvs sight lines and helps people to flow more organically.

With multiple accessory attachments, privacy screen options, and selection of work surfaces, this rail is the solution for 6ft distancing in the open office and offers endless options for reconfigurations.

Let us help you make a safe and easy transition back to the office by adding glass, acrylic, fabric or whiteboard barriers to each station for personal separation.

By adding screens between users, you can further define space and additional protection.  Screens are available with casters for easier reconfiguration, and are available in glass, acrylic, fabric and markerboard.

Benching Workstations

Existing with low fabric dividers.

Reconfigure 1

Reconfigure 2

By adding 24-30” glass or acrylic dividers, and end panels, AAA can enhance and improve your existing furniture to meet the challenges of the “physically distanced” workspace that is evolving in today’s new office environment.



Existing workstations will require protective screens and dividers when reworking your space to achieve the protection needed for your employees. AAA can create quick layouts to help you visualize your space and ultimately create a safer environment.

Reconfigured Floor Plans

Reconfiguring panel systems workstations into mirrored L-configurations meets 6ft distancing guidelines. When using the existing 50”H panel barriers between all stations, this approach provides a safeguard from rotating employees in a shared space.



Adding Dividers To Your Existing Space

Implementing freestanding screens redefines a 2-person workspace. New product solutions that facilitate proper distancing can also help maximize the number of people without sacrificing social distancing. Alternatively, some spaces will need to reduce in seats, due to the limited space provided.



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