Desktop Barrier Screens

Need help making the necessary choices on which products will work best in your office environment?  The knowledgeable sales team at AAA is here to guide you through the process. Now is the time to start modifying your space to help your workforce better adjust to our new reality.

Mobile screens that slide right into work spaces.

Clamp-on screens in clear acrylic.

Metal screens.

Wrap-around 3 panel screens.

Extension screens that protect between users.

Offset acrylic screens for sit stand work surfaces.

Freestanding framed glass or acrylic screens.

Freestanding acrylic screens.

VOI Fabric Screen by Hon

Traditional teaming stations are evolving to include higher panels and privacy screens with cleanable fabrics. The VOI fabric screen allows users to feel safe and comfortable within their workspace.

Universal Metal Screens by Hon

Universal metal screens are designed to retrofit all existing HON work surfaces. They attach using double-sided tape, and are available in all HON paint colors, allowing you to customize your space. Universal screens are available in 3 styles: table screens, side screens, and extended (Pacman) screens.

Acrylic Screens by HON

Hon’s acrylic screens can be mounted to any worksurface, adding privacy and protection between users. These screens are available as side screens, mid lateral, and as a above/below modesty.

PET Fabric Screen w/Filtration System by Clean Zonez

Thermoformed PET panels can be adjusted to 18″ or 24″ above the work surface, creating a physical barrier.
• The PET panel creates a more desirable workspace by absorbing noise and minimizing distractions
• Intake fans pull air through a HEPA filter removing allergens and harmful bacteria
• UV-C light treats the air, inactivating harmful viruses
• Soft touch control panel allows users to control fan speed, filtration settings, sleep mode and power

C9 Desk Fabric & Steel Screens by Watson

C9 Desk Screens attach to the steel frame below the work surface and lend an architectural quality to any workstation while enhancing privacy. Styles are shown here in a fabric tackboard screen, with a side mounted steel tool screen.

Screens by JSI

JSI has a variety of different stylea and finishes that can be customized to fit any workstation. Styles include: above and below surface mounts, side and edge mounts, and also curved styles.

Scene Shield by Tayco

Try a modern take on a divisional solution using Tayco’s Scene Shields. This product is available in PET fabric, acrylic and laminate. The easy to install posts can be retrofitted to any current work surface.

Separation Panels & Desk Partitions by Humanscale

Humanscale separation panels & desk partitions ensure a safer return to the workplace by reducing the airborne transmission of viral particles between workstations. Humanscale’s Wellguard Separation Panels are the ideal solution for personal protection in the office.

Shield Desktop Screens by Friant

Whether it is to protect workstations, conference rooms, or communal spaces, Shield is here to make employees comfortable while they work. Shield’s acrylic screens are supported by a universal mount that will fit to any existing work surface. Shield screens have a selection of materials and sizes that will customize to your space.

Wrap Screen by Enwork

Enwork offers a wide variety of privacy and modesty screens for open plan benching, training, and teaming tables. Available in acoustic felt, laminate, fabric, acrylic, glass, or markerboard, AAA has a solution to meet your needs and complement you space.

Harbor Screens by Enwork

Low investment, high confidence. Harbor Screens offer an immediate solution for safe, healthy workspaces. Surprising to many, cardboard is a highly effective surface when fighting bacteria and viruses, as they begin to decay in 24 hours. Harbor’s multi-dimensional panels protect each team member by surrounding the work area to block potential airborne particles. These commercial grade cardboard screens can be disinfected, and they also ship within 48 hours.

Portable Mesa Slide Barrier by Hat

Create privacy and security by simply sliding the Mesa Slide divider onto any desk surface. These protective barriers are easy to remove and relocate by grabbing the slide and taking it with you to the cafeteria or a meeting. Acoustical properties allow for noise reduction in an open office floor plan. Mesa dividers can be safely cleaned and disinfected.

PET Screens by Special T

PET mounted desktop barriers from Special T can be cleaned and disinfected with a bleach solution. They also offer the added benefit of being sound absorbent. These barriers are available in clamp, free-standing, or permanent attachments.

Desktop Screens by Workrite

If you have a sit/stand desk, offset mounting is a great option. It gives you the space for clamp on monitor arms and accessories. This Workrite screen is available in acrylic or phenolic.

Mounted Screens by Enwork

Using clamp on side mounted screens, placed at the end of a workstation or in between occupants is a quick and cost effective way to provide separation and distance.  These screens extend beyond a desk or work surface to protect employees in an working in an aisle, side by side or across from on another.  They are available in clear or frosted acrylic for easy cleaning and disinfecting.

Desktop Glass Barriers by MasterVision

These aluminum framed glass desktop barriers help users maintain contact while still being protected. Easy to clean and sanitize these are the ideal product for shared office spaces.

Glass Desktop Barriers by MasterVision

These easy to install tempered glass barriers, come frameless for a sophisticated addition to any office space. The glass surface can be written on with dry erase markers and is easy to clean, sanitize and disinfect.

Together We Can Solve Your Reopening Challenges.

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