Freestanding Barriers

IMAGE intermix planters outdoors in

Intermix by OFS

Intermix planters bring the outdoors in, while also creating a divider between your existing workspaces. Planters will:

  • Warm up an area
  • Refresh the air
  • Allow people to be comfortable
  • Productive, and
  • Safely distanced

image framewall workstation dividers

Framewall by Loftwall

Framewall can be outfitted with countless sectional configurations to properly meet the needs of your space. It can divide up two workstations or stand between two tables.

image alumi flexible freestanding screen

Alumi Screen by Unika Vaev

Alumi Screen is a flexible freestanding screen for any office environment. The acoustic core is made from mineral wool thus allowing your current workstations to be quieter. The flexibility of the screen allows them to be connected together. The screens are covered in either sound absorbing polyester felt, or fabric.

image verse panels fabric freestanding

Verse Panels Screens by Hon

Panels come in a variety of widths and lengths. These fabric panels are freestanding barriers that are easy to reconfigure and are available in 3-5 business days.

image nomad mobile screens

Nomad by Nienkamper

Nomad’s mobile screens easily respond to the changing needs of modern working environments. Made of fabric with the option of an acoustical core. Feature a unique notch allowing the screens to nest into the surface. Different accessories like integrated storage cabinets and white boards are available, which makes them a great solution for training areas or meeting spaces.

zori screen slid up to edge of any work surface

Zori Screen by Enwork

Zori can quickly slide up to the edge of any work surface or sit between any panel system. Shown here in a classic T configuration, also available in many different configurations to easily make an existing workstation private.

image shield panel screen

Shield Panel Screen by Friant

This trim freestanding screen solution from Friant allows a minimal change to your furniture plan while accommodating social distancing practices. The Shield Panel is ¾” thick and comes in a variety of sizes and materials.

image go! mobile reduce noise

Clarus Go! Mobile

GO! Mobile reduces the noise of the office but more importantly, offers a variety of material finishes, base options, and color options to match your existing space.

image scissor screens full space division

Scissor Screens by Fluidconcepts

Scissor Screens provide rapid full space division between desks and workstations. The screens can be positioned into existing workstations via a ‘notch’, and is available in different widths to slide over any surface.

image screenflex mobile screen social distancing
image workstation screens

Mobile Dividers by Screenflex

Screenflex freestanding mobile dividers are a quick and easy solution for social distancing between workstations. Screens are 36”w X 72”h with casters, and are available in clear acrylic.

image rumba whiteboard screen

Rumba Screen Whiteboard by Safco

These freestanding screens are a perfect divider between two workstations. Available in 36”w to 42”w, and 54”h to 66”h. These whiteboard screens feature full whiteboards on both sides, allowing users easy access.

image quartet motion markwipe boards

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