Going back into the office brings a mix of emotions for employees. While there is excitement to get back to normal and see their coworkers face to face, there is also hesitancy. Employees may be concerned for their health and well-being. Being aware of their concerns and implementing new procedures and product solutions throughout the space will help ease their concerns, allow your teams to be productive in the office, and encourage critical collaboration once again.

Open Plan Product

AAA Business Interiors has simple, flexible solutions.  We will keep your space adaptable to changing guidelines, but also give your team a workspace they can feel confident in when they return.

Freestanding Screens

Mobile and freestanding screens provide an easy and productive solution to sectioning off work areas. This allows you to break up tight spaces and allow them to still fully function and be safe.

Reconfigured Spaces

There are endless ways to reconfigure open floor plans to provide enhanced safety, while retaining teamwork and productivity. Click to see some space planning ideas.

Antimicrobial Office Supplies

Antimicrobial office supplies will be essential items to have on hand going forward. Items with antimicrobial properties, PPE, and touchless options will be necessary for everyday use.

Disinfection Supplies

From disinfecting wipes, to hand sanitizer, PPE and cleaning products, disinfection is going to be important in an open office plan.

Hygiene Stands

Hand sanitizer stands are a convenient way to deploy hand sanitizer throughout your facility. They are available for desktops, walls, or free standing applications.

Chair Signs

Chair signage is used to direct seat flow and maintain the standard distancing guidelines in a shared space. These are a convenient option for when removing seating from an area is not plausible.

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