Open Plan – Freestanding Screens

Paraban Screens by Magnuson Groups

Magnuson Groups Paraban screens are a minimalist multi-functional room divider featuring a semi-transparent aluminum mesh screen and natural oak legs.

Shield Freestanding Panel by Friant

This trim freestanding screen solution from Friant allows a minimal change to your furniture plan while accommodating social distancing practices. The Shield Freestanding Panel is ¾” thick and available in a variety of sizes and materials. Available both with and without casters.

Scissor Screens by

Fluidconcepts Scissor Screens provide rapid full space division between desks and workstations. These screens can be positioned into existing workstations via a ‘notch’ in the screen.

Portable Room Divider by Peter Pepper

A flexible mobile screen allows for spaces both big and small to be closed off on an as needed basis. This Peter Pepper Portable Room Divider ebbs and flows with your workspace and with your employees.

Taiga Tower by Biome

Freestanding screens come in many forms. The Biome Taiga Tower screen not only screens a work area, it helps naturally clean the air. Plus it has the option of having a whiteboard on the back. 

Mobile Glass Board by Springboard

Working surfaces by Springboard features mobile and stationary options. This extended mobile glass board is perfect in shared arrangements to split up existing spaces.

Zori by Enwork

The Enwork Zori screen can quickly slide up to the work surface edge and is available in many different arrangements to easily make an existing workstation private. The use of a transparent material leaves this space feeling open while providing separation to employees sitting side-by-side.

Mobile Room Dividers by Screenflex

Screenflex mobile room dividers are a quick and easy solution for social distancing. Screens are 36”w X 72” h  with casters.

Rumba Screen Whiteboard by Safco

The whiteboard collaboration screen features a full whiteboard on both sides of the screen allowing users easy access, while providing enough space to expand on ideas. The screens are easily movable on two locking casters, enabling them to be configured and reconfigured to meet changing office needs. The screens are perfect for creating ideas, using as a space divider or even as a projector screen. 

Verse Panel Screens by Hon

Panels come in a variety of widths and lengths. These fabric panels are easy to reconfigure, and are available in 3-5 business days.

Foldable Dividers by Lumeah

Reduces sound, creates social distancing and allows you to tack notes onto its surface. 70”w x 70”h

Desk Barriers by Flipside Products

Lightweight corrugated construction allows easy transportation and setup. Cord cutout allows convenient use with multimedia equipment. Available in black or brown, 54”w x 18”h.

Freestanding Barrier Shields by Johnson Plastics Plus

Protect employees with this economy safety 4-way barrier. The high-quality, optically clear acrylic creates a protective physical barrier and divided spaces while still allowing for person-to-person interaction. This four-way divider is perfect for tabletops, conference rooms and lunch tables and is easily secured with an acrylic top and bottom disk to create additional stability.

•Tempered glass for increased safety
•Sturdy and durable aluminum structure
•Mobile and easily moved different areas and spaces
•Writable glass dry-erase surface
•Easy to clean, sanitize, and disinfect

Mobile Glass Screens by MasterVision

This mobile glass panel divider helps users maintain a safe space, while still allowing for visual interaction.

Desktop Glass Barriers by MasterVision

These frameless glass desktop barriers help users maintain contact while still being protected. Easy to clean and sanitize these are the ideal product for shared office spaces.

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