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Returning to the workplace will present new design and space planning challenges. Delivering a floor plan that allows for social distancing and physical screening between employees will be paramount. AAA Business Interiors will deliver flexible and reconfigurable solutions for physical separation between employees.

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Reconfigurable product is an ideal solution for your open office. Using re-arrangeable items can change your space at a moment’s notice to maintain functionality.

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Empower End of Run Laminate Screen by Hon

Hon’s new open plan benching systems, bring power, and privacy, to individual workspaces and team areas in the open plan. Perfect for pairing with stationary or height-adjustable tables and the HON Gravitation Beam.

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C9 Rail by Watson

An open plan workstation featuring a bending power rail, and a mobile storage cart with garage. The result is a workstation that departs from the restrictive grid of traditional linear planning – bending space, improving sight lines, and helping people to flow more organically. With multiple accessory attachments, privacy screen options, and selection of work surfaces, this rail is the solution for 6ft distancing in the open office.


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Applause Mobile Tables by OFS

A versatile collection of tables designed to complement any environment. With hundreds of combinations, you can choose the right shape, size, finish, and leg style to fit your space, activity, and budget. Also shown in this open plan setting are Heya! screens and planters.


Between Mobile by Hon

Hon Between tables can be used in multiple areas throughout your office such as hotel spaces, breakrooms, cafés, breakaway spaces, and even your home.



Hon’s Screentrak Bass Screen by Unika Vaev Collection

ScreenTrak Bass is designed for active sound diffusion, absorption, and space definition. Each screen is available with multiple tracks hanging options using Unika Vaev’s proprietary track system*. Make a stunning spatial statement.

Screentrak Bass
Screentrak Bass 2

Hitch Bookcase by OFS

OFS Hitch is a versatile modular storage and shelving system based off a simple platform of blocks that clip together. This multi-cube design can be customized to your space establishing division, while also invoking inspiration.


Lochlyn by National

Lochlyn is a unique storage and shelving system that establishes space division while displaying inspiration. The cube design features a metal frame that can be built to be small in stature or grand in size. Available as freestanding or wall mounted. The architectural floating shelf units are applicable to divide space in your lobby, reception area or lounge.


3F Hanging Panels By AMQ

3F hanging panels can be installed to add privacy, divide space, soften sound pollution and for simple design enhancement.

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Still Room Dividers by Stylex

Still room dividers by Stylex are a stylish addition to any reception or lounge area.



Muffle by Okamura

Muffle enhances both individual and group work by providing a discrete space with visual boundaries and acoustic management, supplemented with integrated tech support.


Flock by HON

Wherever people migrate within a space, Flock is designed to support collaboration. Flock supports creativity in an environment of how people want to work and where they want to work.


Free Address Modular System by Stylex

The Free Address modular furniture system offers a single, integrated solution for today’s wide variety of work styles. Free Address provides a dynamic, spontaneous environment that encourages collaboration and is designed for open plan schemes that exists to improve the spaces in which we work.

Open Office Environments by HAT Contract

Together We Can Solve Your Reopening Challenges.

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