The entrance to your space is where you set the expectations for the rest of the office. Clearly communicating new policies, protocols and changes in the beginning will ensure that employees can rest assured that their health and safety is being looked after. Whether that means instituting a temperature scan upon entrance, providing the reception desk with a protective barrier, having hand sanitizer and masks readily available, making sure that your lobby furniture is durable enough to withstand disinfecting, or directing the flow into the work area, there are many things to take into consideration. We have several relevant solutions to help you achieve your goal.

Reception Station Barriers

When it’s time to welcome your team back to the office, you want to do so safely. You will want to maintain social distancing guidelines, add more barriers between spaces, and use easy-to-clean surfaces.

Reception Seating

Reception seating provides people the first glimpse into your office. A welcoming, and safe, arrangement makes a great first impression to employees, visitors and customers.

Reception & Lounge Dividers

AAA offers thoughtfully designed dividers that incorporate cleanable surfaces, visual privacy and enhanced acoustics to help you keep visitors and employees at a safe distance.

Temperature Scanning

Crucial touchless temperature screenings can be done by using an infrared thermal scanner with facial recognition. Safely pre-screen employees and office visitors without further risking your team’s health.

Countertop Barriers

Protect employees, customers & visitors with AAA’s selection of acrylic barrier/sneeze guards. The high-quality, optically clear acrylic maintains a protective physical barrier for any budget or facility need.

Hygiene Stations

Attractive hygiene stations offer guests and employees masks, hand sanitizer and tissues to insure facility safety standards are maintained. They also enhance your company image.

Lounge Seating

Today’s Lounge areas require thoughtful planning or reconfiguration for social distancing, collaboration and privacy.  AAA can create the perfect lounge area to keep your employees engaged while maintaining social distance.


Signage and floor decals are used to relay new company protocols that include social distancing, cleaning protocols, office traffic flow, and best practices.

Disinfecting Matting

Most buildings have scraper and wiper mats at their entrance to help keep out dirt and debris. Did you know you can add disinfectant to Crown Mat-A-Dor Scraper mats?

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