Reception & Lounge Dividers

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Biome Taiga Grow Dividers

Biome Grow Healthy Spaces


Planters are a great way to bring nature indoors, while creating social distance in your Reception or Lounge area.

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IQ Mobile Planters by Scandinavian Spaces


Lochlyn by National

Lochlyn is a unique storage and shelving system that establishes space division while displaying inspiration. The cube design features a metal frame that can be built to be small in stature or grand in size.

Available as freestanding or wall mounted. The architectural floating shelf units are applicable to divide space in your lobby, reception area or lounge.

Still Room Dividers by Stylex

Still room dividers by Stylex are a stylish addition to any reception or lounge area.


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Zori Screens by Enwork

Zori Freestanding Screens Details:
• Configurable in many different arrangements to make any workspace private.
• Screens are made of extruded aluminum painted frames with a variety of panel materials.
• T-shape, L-Shape, or Freestanding.
• Options for Segmented or Non-Segmented materials.
• Casters or low-profile steel plates.
• 52” and 66”H; 30”-72”W (sizes vary by material).

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Enclave by National

AAA has solutions for your existing Reception or Lounge area, The Enclave line by National offers thoughtfully designed social distance dividers that incorporate cleanable surfaces, visual privacy and enhanced acoustics.


Space Dividers by Claridge

Claridge space dividers are a quick and easy way to divide up an area.
• Includes hardware for wall attachment
• Available in clear glass
• Slim base
• Custom sizes available


•Tempered glass for increased safety
•Sturdy and durable aluminum structure
•Mobile and easily moved different areas and spaces
•Writable glass dry-erase surface
•Easy to clean, sanitize, and disinfect

Mobile Glass Screens by MasterVision

This mobile glass panel divider helps users maintain a safe space, while still allowing for visual interaction.


Glass Countertop Barriers by MasterVision

These self-standing countertop protectors keep users protected while maintaining visibility. The glass panel sits in an aluminum frame and features a passthrough space. It is the ideal product for reception areas and service counters.

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