Reception Station Barriers

AAA can provide a safe and attractive barrier for any reception area.  Whether you need a custom piece or a pre-made product, we have the solution for your reception station barriers needs.


glass 1

Why Glass?

The new standard for workplace furniture calls for products made of materials that are easy to sanitize, while also matching the design aesthetic of the space.

Attractive glass barriers can be added to any existing reception station.

glass 2


Health Shield by Clarus

• Non-porous glass can be easily cleaned and disinfected.
• Units sit firmly on your existing reception station.
• Available in a variety of sizes, with or without a pass through.

Counter Shield by Loftwall

This shield can stand up to harsh cleaners to ensure a sanitary environment for all customers and healthcare professionals.


boarders screens

Borders panels by Performance

The panels can be retrofitted to most laminate reception stations in a manner that allows you to protect your workspace the way you want. Whether you choose 24” or 36” high panels, Borders has a solution that will work for you

HON Screens

Freestanding Acrylic Screens by HON

Get your office back up and running with easy to install acrylic screens by HON. These screens are available as both front and side panels, in two heights and various widths. AAA offers a simple way to get the office solutions you need delivered with speed.

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