The restroom has always been one of the original areas of concern when thinking about employee health and encouraging cleanliness. This area is still a top priority when making sure you are providing your employees with a safe and healthy work environment. Simple steps, like making fixtures touchless, will make it easier for employees to keep their hands clean and prevent the spread of illness. See some ideas below on how to create a healthier restroom.

Touchless Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers

Touchfree operation is a must to eliminate cross-contamination and germs, plus the controlled dispensing eliminates costly overuse and waste.

Touchless Countertop Mounted Soap Dispensers

Touch-free soap dispensers help eliminate cross contamination while controlling cost and waste.

Touchless Faucets

Rubbermaid AutoFaucet replaces existing faucets with an omnidirectional Surround Sensor technology to touchlessly dispense water, preventing cross contamination of germs. Optional temperature control.

Touchless Paper Towel Dispensers

Touchfree towel dispensers help eliminate cross-contamination and germs, plus controlled dispensing eliminates waste and saves money. Studies indicate that using paper towels is much more hygienic than air dryers.

Touchless Menstrual Products Receptacles

These systems offer touch-free disposal of sanitary napkins and tampons, odor control, and safe disposal of waste by service personnel.

Touchless Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

The EvoGen hands-free toilet seat cover system dispenses covers with a wave of your hand, and the covers have no folds or tabs to tear. Lights indicate low covers or batteries.

Touchless Openers

Touchless door openers allow you to open doors without touching handles.

Touchless Toilet & Urinal Flushers

Rubbermaid AutoFlush replaces existing manual toilet & urinal flushing handles with an automatic sensor and flushing system.

Air Purification

Keep productivity alive and your employees healthy with air and botanical purifiers. Studies show that air purifiers increase cognitive productivity as well as diminish airborne particles.

Touchless Waste Baskets

This receptacle has an easy step-on design for hands-free access. Available in multiple sizes, shapes and designs, with materials to make cleaning and disinfecting easier.

Restroom Cleaning Supplies

Find all the cleaning supplies necessary to keep restroom facilities clean and disinfected.

Clarke MA10 12E Upright Scrubber

This small, compact scrubber cleans hard surfaces quickly and efficiently, with 1 pass scrubbing & drying, making it perfect for restrooms and kitchens.

Clarke MA10 12E Video

For additional information on other restroom touchless and disinfection options click here

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