Self-Relining Trash Disposal System

Janibell allows you to maintain a hygienic and odor-free environment as a top priority in any hospital, health care facility, or business office. The Janibell Self-Relining Trash Disposal System is the most advanced and hygienic solutions available. Designed for sanitary hands free operation. The continuous liners are the root of the JanibeII revolution.

Medical Office & Business Offices / XO Frame Systems

Not All Waste Receptacles Are Created Equal!

image keep your room clean Not All Waste Receptacles Are Created Equal!

Keep Your Room Clean and Fresh

Thanks to its tight-sealing, self closing lid, your Janibell trash container will lock in odors and keep trash out of view. Plus, Janibell’s internal bag liner eliminates unsightly bag overhang and the pathogens and insects that it can harbor or attract.

Avoid Touching the Garbage

With Janibell you pull the full bag of garbage downwards, cut it and dispose of it without ever touching the bag’s contents. Most trash containers are awkward, you have to pull an overhanging and open ended bag full of waste up out of the top of the container. You will potentially come in contact with the very bacteria, germs, and pathogens you’re trying to avoid.

Take Out the Trash in Record Time

On average, it takes 40% less time to empty a Janibell compared to emptying a conventional trash can. Why? You don’t need to store boxes of rolled up bags, search for the opening or insert individual bags.

image Take Out the Trash in Record Time

Save Money with the Flexible Liner System

Its unique continuous liner system and simple design, allow you to only use what you need. Because Janibell’s bags are cut on a door mounted safety cutter and tied off from a continuous liner, they can be made to any size with no bag overhang. No need to waste an entire bag if the trash is taken out before the container is full. Each Janibell liner refill pack makes 30 full bags.

image Its unique liner system, you use only what you need. Because Janibell's bags

Liner Refills

The liner comes in a single pre-packed accordion folded roll that is up to 100 feet long. When the bottom of the liner is tied off, a new bag is formed, no more wasted bag liners, and no leaks or mess left behind. You only use the amount of liner you need, saving you time and money.

Use an Eco-Friendly Solution

Janibell liners are flexible, strong, tear-resistant, and environmentally friendly. The liner material is 100% biodegradable and will fully degrade in landfills or compost piles. They are also made with 20% recycled materials. Plus, the Janibell containers are durable, made to last, and backed by a 5 Year Limited Warranty.

image Use an Eco-Friendly Solution

Medical Office & Business Offices

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XO Frame Self-Relining Trash Disposal systems

image janibell xo self-relining system

The preprinted liner determines the receptacle’s use. You can collect a lot of waste in a small space along with the flexibility to quickly change each receptacle’s purpose whenever needed. Janibell XO holds a full 23 gallons of waste in each unit.

The Bag Determines the Use

With Janibell XO, the same receptacle can be used for linen today and paper recycling tomorrow. The unit’s purpose is clearly announced by the colored & preprinted liner that is being used. Since the receptacle itself is not labeled in any way, it’s a single but extremely flexible multi-use solution.

image The Bag Determines the Use with janibell xo systems

Hygienic and Efficient

Great for infection and hygiene control, the XO’s optional lid and foot pedal allow for hands-free operation and complete waste containment. Like all Janibell receptacles, XO helps prevent the spread of pathogens, viruses and bacterium such as C-DIFF. In fact, XO provides maximum efficiency, hygiene, and waste free disposal in most commercial environments.

  • 1. Your workers are never exposed to bag contents so its more hygienic
  • 2. Heavy bags don’t need to be lifted up out of the unit, just pull from the front opening
  • 3. The bags can be cut to any size, with no waste of liner material
  • 4. Each liner makes 30 full size bags or many more smaller ones

Zero Waste Trash Liner System

Because the XO’s bags are cut and tied off from a continuous liner, they can be made to any size so you only use what you need! You will never waste an entire bag again if the receptacle is emptied before it is full.

• Features

  • 1. 23 gallon capacity
  • 2. Small footprint
  • 3. Eco friendly liner system
  • 4. Sturdy steel construction
  • 5. 5 year limited warranty
image features Because the XO's bags are cut and tied off from a continuous liner,