Choosing a Sneeze Guard or Screen Made Simple!

Choosing a sneeze guard to maximize social distancing includes a number of considerations, outlined below. Our professional, experienced team is available to walk your site and help you make the best decisions for your environment, reviewing sneeze guard and screen installation considerations and options with you.

Screens are separated below into three different typical applications to make it easier for you to choose the right sneeze guard or barrier for your needs. Just click the image of they type you are looking for below.

link to desktop & Counter Sneeze Guards

Desktop & Counter Sneeze Guards

Glass, Acrylic, PET, Fabric, Acoustical, Steel, Polycarbonate, MDF. Corrugated & More.

Freestanding along with Mountable Options.

link to Floor Mobile & Stationary screens

Stationary & Mobile Screens

Glass, Acrylic, PET, Whiteboard, Fabric, Acoustical, Laminate & More.

Both Mobile & Stationary Options with Many Color Options.

link to cubical panel toper extensions

Cubicle Panel Topper Extensions

Glass, Acrylic, Steel & More.

Multiple Mounting Options, including Magnetic.


• 1.) Location. Will the screen be placed on a desk surface, stand on the floor, or be attached to the top of a workspace/cubicle partition? How do you want it mounted? Does it need to be mobile or portable?

• 2.) Size & Coverage. Are you looking to screen one side, two sides or all three sides of a desk or work area? How high do you want the screen? Does the screen need a pass through slot? Do you want it to also dampen noise and provide privacy? Do you need a custom size or design?

• 3.) Disinfection. How important is screen disinfection, and who is responsible for disinfecting the screens? This will affect the material you choose.

• 4.) Temporary or Permanent. Do you anticipate the screen will be temporary or permanent, or subject to abuse in a public environment or classroom setting? This may affect decisions related to screen quality, durability and design.

• 5.) Budget. What is your budget to make all the changes needed for your office?