Working From Home

Today, many people are rolling out of bed into makeshift offices in the spare bedroom, at the dining room table, or even on their couch while working from home.

A desk and chair at home may not have the adjustability needed to provide a suitable long-term work environment, as well as your desk may not be set up with the supplies needed to make it a safe, productive working environment.

Please take a look at our home furniture options, desk accessories, tech options, and key PPE supplies available to keep you as safe and functional at home as in the office.

Furniture / Ergonomic Tools / Desk Accessories / Antimicrobial-Purification / Audio Accessories
Connectivity Tools / Power Accessories / Tech Accessories / Gaming Options / PPE Supplies

Integrating Office Furniture Into Your Home, with Style

Image link to task seating for the home

Task Seating

Comfortable seating is a key to productivity, and to reducing injuries caused by sitting for long periods. A good task chair is one of the best investments you can make.

Image link to managerial seating for the home

Managerial Seating

High quality managerial chairs provide additional levels of comfort and ergonomics, often with higher backs and more comfortable seats.

Image link to information on active seating

Active Seating

These active seating options keep your body moving, improving circulation, posture and energy while strengthening your core muscles. Works especially well for sit/stand applications.

Image link to home work tables

Home Office Desks

There’s no place like home –especially when you’re working. Stay as productive in your own digs as you are in the office with our assortment of home office desks.

Image link to mobile home desks

Home Office Mobile Desks

Mobile desks make the most of your space by allowing you to position them where you need them, when you need them.

Image link to height adjustable tables

Height Adjustable Tables

Desk surfaces that raise/lower with a touch of a button have become a must have for ergonomically correct sit/stand workstations.

Image link to sit/stand risers

Sit-Stand Risers

Convert your non-ergonomic stationery desk into a healthy, productive sit/stand workspace by simply adding a sit/stand riser.

Image link to mobile files and pedestals for the home

Mobile Files & Pedestals

Take personal storage to the next level with sizes and options that just make more sense for what’s being stowed today.

Configure Your Space

Image link to work furniture for living rooms

Living Room Spaces

Take a break from traditional approaches to home offices. There are many options for creating a great office space in your inviting and comfortable living room.

Image link to work furniture for small home spaces

Tiny Spaces

Yes, you can transform even small spaces into comfortable and productive office settings!

Image link to bedroom work furniture

Bedroom Spaces

Are you known for sliding out of bed into your workspace? We offer products that let you work with style and grace just a few feet away from your bed.

Image link to furniture for home offices

Private Office Spaces

Create a beautiful home office with ergonomically correct furniture matched to your décor.

Furniture Brochures

HON work from home catalog
HON Now catalog
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bbf home office catalog

Work From Home Accessories

Ergonomic Tools

Image link to monitor arms

Monitor Arms

Ergonomic monitor arms recapture precious desk space while enhancing your health and productivity.

Image link to LED desk lamps

LED Desk Lamps

Brighten up your home office desktop with these LED desk lamp options.

Image link to keyboard platforms

Keyboard Platform Systems

Let these keyboard/mouse platforms improve ergonomics & productivity.

Image link to buy sit/stand chairmats

Sit-Stand Chairmats

Dual-purpose design combines the cushion of an anti-fatigue mat with a smooth-rolling surface for chairs.

Image link to buy anti-fatigue mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Increase work comfort and productivity, while minimizing injuries and lost time with the help of a Anti-fatigue mat.

Floortex AFS-TEX Ergo Mats

Image link to buy chairmats


Protect your carpet and floors while making it easier to move your chair with a great chairmat.

Image link to buy balance boards

Balance Boards

Stabilize the muscles of your back, core, hips, legs & ankles by using a balance board.

Image link to buy a climate control footrest

Climate Control Footrest

This climate-control footrest radiates safe, even heat on low or high setting. Automatically shuts off when not in use.

Climate Control Footrest

Desk Accessories

Image link to keyboards


Pick from Bluetooth, wireless, wired, natural, split, antimicrobial, Mac, mini & gaming keyboards.

Image link to keyboard/mouse bundles

Keyboard/Mice Bundles

Choose perfectly matched keyboard mice bundles.

Image link to mice


Bluetooth, wireless, wired and a wide variety of ergonomic designs, we have them all.

Image link to buy keyboard wrist rests

Keyboard Wrist Rests

Help reduce strain on your wrists and hands while typing by using a keyboard wrist rest .

Image link to mouse pads

Mouse Pads

Add a mouse pad for another layer of ergonomic comfort.

Image link to buy Keurig K-Cup Brewers & Nescafe Dolce Gusto brewers

Single Serve Coffee Brewers

Keurig K-Cup brewers are the simplest and most hygienic way to brew your favorite cup of coffee.

Image link to buy desktop dry erase platform

Dry Erase Notepad

Erasable glass “notepad” slides between your monitor and keyboard. Great place for making quick notes.

Image link to buy desktop phone holder and organizer

Organizer & Phone Holder

Compact desktop organizers display cell phone screens while eliminating clutter around your workspace.

Antimicrobial & Purification Products

Image to desktop antimicrobial products and accessories

Antimicrobial Products

Many office products are available with antimicrobial properties to kill germs or stop their growth. Take a look to see how you can work safer!

Fellowes Microban Tools

Image to UV-C sanitizers for phones and desktop accessories

Cell Phone UV Sanitizers

Disinfect your phone and accessories in minutes, keeping you safer from germs and bacteria in a Cell phone UV sanitizer unit.

Image link to buy small desk-sized personal space air purifiers

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers, with HEPA filtration, are perfect for smaller spaces.

Image to buy a combination monitor stand and air purifier

Air Purifier/Monitor Stand

Kensington FreshView packages a HEPA based air purifier right into your monitor riser, for double the health benefits!

FreshView Monitor Stand/Purifier

Audio Accessories

Image link to personal headsets


View our headset options including Bluetooth & wired sets.

Image link to buy earbuds


Connect your phone to these earbuds for hands free operation.

Image link to buy speakers


Enhance your pc’s sounds by adding these speakers to your system.

Image link to buy equipment for home recording

Media Kits

Use for podcasts, music/video, live streaming, gaming or online chat. Easy to use when you travel or work outdoors.

Connectivity Tools

Image link to buy docking stations

Docking Stations

Connect devices, organize your workspace, & eliminate wasted time connecting equipment.

What Will You Need?

Image link to buy USB hubs

USB Hubs

Not enough USB ports on your computer? These hubs will extend your ports without slowing down your devices.

Image link to cables

Cell, PC, Mac & Network Cables

These cables help keep you connected and charged up.

Image link to buy wireless routers

Wireless Routers & Extenders

Add your own wireless router and Wi-Fi extender to eliminate monthly charges from your provider.

Image link to buy Linksys WeMo Insight Plug-in

Linksys WeMo Insight Plug-in

Use a phone app to remotely control any electronics plugged into this device.

Image link to buy Linksys WeMo light switch

Linksys WeMo Light Switch

Control your house lights from anywhere, or set them on a schedule, using this WeMo Wi-Fi light switch.

Image link to internal and external solid state hard drives

Internal & External Drives

Avoid running out of storage with the addition of standard or solid state internal or external drives.

Image link to USB flash drives

Flash Drives

Lightweight & pocket sized storage devices keep you and your files on the go.

Power Accessories

Image link to buy desktop power accessories or pods

Desktop Power Pods

Convenient state-of-the-art desktop and wall powered accessories.

Image link to buy charging stations

Charging Stations

Charge multiple devices at once with these charging stations.

Image link to buy charging mouse pad

Wireless Charging Pads

Provides an easy and convenient way to charge your wireless devices.

Image link to batteries

Batteries & Rechargeable

Do you need batteries? We have all your battery needs in one spot.

Tech For The Home Office

Image link to buy monitors


If you are working on a laptop, take the huge productivity and ergonomic leap to using a larger monitor, or two!

Image link to buy webcams


Webcams enable you to have more personal and productive web-based meetings while maintaining social distancing.

Image link to home office printers

Home Office Printers

Compact multifunctional printers can print, scan & copy making working from home as efficient as the office.

Image link to buy laptop mailers

Laptop Mailer

Ship your laptops safely. Front lock tabs provide extra security. Anti-static foam protects your stored memory.

Gaming Options

Image link to buy gaming keyboards

Gaming Keyboards

Perform complicated combos while ensuring successful inputs when pressing multiple keys.

Image link to buy gaming mice and surfaces

Gaming Mice & Surfaces

Check out our gaming mice and mousing surfaces. Full control in the palm of your hand.

Image link to buy gaming headsets

Gaming Headsets

Connect to your friends wirelessly while playing the newest games!

Image link to buy gaming chairs

Gaming Chairs

Ergonomic designs offers enhanced comfort with special features for gamers.

Office Product Flyers

Link to Tech Essentials on a Budget home office flyer

Tech Essentials on a Budget

Get all your tech accessories here, at competitive pricing!

Link to Home Office Productivity Flyer

Home Office Productivity

Your home office needs to be just as productive as the corporate office. With the right tools, you can create a comfortable, healthy and productive workspace… with a shorter commute.

Link to Setup for Success home office flyer

Set up For Success

Step up your space with tech that works for you. Get the right gear to create a home office that’s comfortable
and adaptable – all you need to set yourself up to get the most out of your day.

Image link to How to Create a Home Office guide

How To Create A Home Office

This easy to read guide will walk you though what you need to make your home an efficient work place.

PPE Supplies For Working From Home

Image link to face masks and face shields

Face Masks & Shields

Choose from various styles of face masks (KN95, 3 ply, cloth) and face shields, as well as ear savers. We’ve got you covered!

Image link to hand sanitizer dispensers, refills, bottles and wipes

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer is available in bottles, sprays, wipes and dispenser refills, and in foam, gel or liquid form. Click Explore More to learn more about all these options, including available dispensers.

Image link to buy infrared thermometers, forehead thermometers and wrist bands


Choose infrared forehead thermometers or self-applied strips.

Infrared Thermometer & Strips

Image link to disinfecting wipes

Disinfecting Wipes

Disinfecting wipes are great for disinfecting hard surfaces. We recommend wearing gloves when using them.

Image link to nitrile, vinyl , latex and poly gloves


Gloves provide a first line of defense against infection. Click on the Explore Choices link below to learn how to choose the right gloves.

Image link to cleaners and disinfectants

Cleaning & Disinfecting

AAA offers a wide variety of disinfectants and cleaners. Please click below to learn more about your options or to shop for available product.

Work From Home Furniture Standards

Link to Work From Home Furniture Standards Program info

Creating a Corporate Work From Home Furniture Standards program just got easier!

We are here to help you make your home into a great office space too.

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