Bluetooth Headsets / Wired Headsets

Whether you crave a more peaceful work environment, a clearer audio connection to your clients and coworkers during calls and video meetings, high-energy tunes to juice up your workout, private listening at home or work, an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience, or maybe just a great-looking, great-sounding accessory to express your personal style, our options on headsets can help you with your needs. With so much variety in headsets styles, including wired and wireless models, you may want to consider more than one pair for different uses.


Wireless headsets come in a wide array of styles and form factors from over-ear to on-ear to in-ear. They are great for offices, home offices, and outdoor uses, since they don’t require you to connect to a PC, cell phone, or music player using wires. Instead, Bluetooth wireless technology connects the headsets to your devices, giving you freer movement and fewer tangles.

link to behind the ear Bluetooth

Behind The Ear Bluetooth

link to over the head binaural Bluetooth

Over The Head Binaural Bluetooth

link to over the head monaural

Over The Head Monaural Bluetooth

link to behind the neck bluetooth

Behind The Neck Binaural Bluetooth


Wired headsets connect to your computer, cell phone, MP3 player, streaming device, or other audio device using a wire to a USB port or 3.5mm audio jack. Advantages include excellent sound quality, and the fact that they do not require any batteries. Gamers often prefer wired headsets so they never have to worry about batteries dying in the midst of a heated match.

link to USB Wired Binaural

USB Wired Binaural

link to USB Wired Monaural

USB Wired Monaural

link to Over The Head  3.5mm Audio

Over The Head 3.5mm Audio Jack

link to behind the next

Behind The Neck 3.5mm Audio Jack

USB-C Headphones

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