Height Adjustable Tables

Electric Bases / Pneumatic Base / Full Set Sit-to-Stand

The benefits of standing desks or height adjustable tables allowing you to change positions is important, for overall spine and back health. When you’re sitting in a chair for too long with poor posture in sedentary jobs, it makes you kind of prone to sort of chronic low back and neck pain. Working from home or just being less active than you would be normally, can cause you to develop a sort of acute and chronic neck pain and back pain. Please see our selection of height adjustable tables that allow you to create a sit-to-stand desk that can raise or lower at the touch of a button.

Electric Sit-to-Stand Bases & Tops

HON Sit-to-Stand Desk Base & Tops

Adjustable height 2 & 3 Stage Base by HON

Hon Mod Work Surface

48″W x 24″D & 48″W x 30″D

Mod Work Surface

60″W x 24″D & 60″W x 30″D

Mod Work Surface

72″W x 24″D & 72″W x 30″D

Lorell Sit-to-Stand Desk Base & Tops

Lorell Quadro Workstation Sit-to-Stand 2 & 3 Stage Base

48″W x 24″D Lorell Table top

60″W x 24″D Lorell Table top

Sit-to-Stand Desk Base & Tops by Safco

Safco Desk Adjustable Base

Safco Desk Top 47″W x 30″D

Fellowes Sit-to-Stand Desk Base & Tops

Height Adjustable Desk – 3 Stage Base by Fellowes

48″W x 24″D High Pressure Laminate Desktop

60″W x 30″D High Pressure Laminate Desktop

72″W x 30″D High Pressure Laminate Desktop

Sit-to-Stand Desk Base & Tops by Special-T

Liberty 2-tier Sit/Stand Table by Special-T

60″W x 24″D Special-T Kingston Table Laminate Tabletop

Pneumatic Adjustable

Full Sit-to-Stand Workstation Units

2 Motor 48×24 Height Adjustable Table by Lorell

47×27 Iceberg Pneumatic Adjustable Worksurface

59×29 Iceberg Pneumatic Adjustable Worksurface

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