Keyboard Platform Systems

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, it’s important to arrange your workspace to minimize strain on your body and maximize comfort. Proper keyboard placement is a big part of that. Ergonomics play a valuable role in ensuring that you avoid any potential repetitive strain injuries to your hands, wrists, neck, or other limbs. In the case of typing, it’s vital that your wrists or fingers aren’t being forced to stretch further than need be, or at an awkward angle. Please check out our options below to find the right keyboard platform systems for you.

Platforms with No Tools Required

No Tools Required For Install

Workrite Keyboard Platforms

Workrite Platforms

Humanscale Platforms

Humanscale Platforms

3M Keyboard Platforms

3M Platforms

Fellowes Platforms

Fellowes Platforms

Antimicrobial Keyboard Platforms

Antimicrobial Platforms

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