Managerial Seating

Want furniture that can keep you comfortable through any work task? Home office executive chairs, or managerial seating for the home, mostly feature high back design and multiple ergonomic features to support your needs.

link to high back leather chairs ergonomically designed

High Back Leather Chairs

Ergonomically designed high back leather seating will keep you comfortable, and feeling special, throughout the day.

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Ignition Chairs by HON

No matter who you are, how you work, or where you work, Ignition seating from HON fits. Ignition supports every body type, work style and office activity. Select from mesh, upholstered, or ReActiv backs.

link to Hon matter chairs modern take on traditional desk chair

Matter Chairs by HON

This modern take on a traditional desk chair combines the comfort of a lounge chair with the posture of an office chair. The chrome accents with gray fabric complement any home.

Designed for the office, but great in other locations as well.

Manager office chairs and task chairs were initially invented to provide ergonomic support, comfort, durability, and mobility in offices. But all of those qualities also make them perfect for:

  • Home offices
  • Craft rooms
  • Dorm rooms
  • And just about anywhere people need to sit and get work done

Because almost all manager office chairs and task chairs feature wheels, they’re a good option when you might pull the chair from one side of the room to the other—or even use the chair in multiple rooms.

All-day, or all-night comfort.

No matter which of our manager office chairs or task chairs you pick, you can be sure it was designed from the ground up to provide ergonomic support, adjustability, and cushioning. Just because you’re working long hours doesn’t mean it should feel like you’re working long hours. These chairs help fight fatigue and soreness, no matter how many hours you have to sit to get work finished.

Ergonomics is about more than comfort.

One of the main reasons to choose manager office chairs or task chairs is that they are built to support your body ergonomically. While ergonomics can lead to greater comfort, the main benefit is they can help avoid the back and neck strain that can occur when sitting and working for long periods.