Mobile Files & Pedestals

Working from your office or at home, these Mobile Files & Pedestals will help save desk space and floor space by providing you easy storage of files and supplies.

We have many choices available to keep you organized and productive in your work space.

Hon & Voi Pedestals / Safco Pedestals / Lorell Pedestals / Lorell File Cabinets / Hanging Pedestals

Hon & Voi Mobile Pedestals

image hon vio box file

HON Mobile Box/File Pedestals

image hon mobile box file

Voi Mobile Box/File Pedestals

Safco Mobile Pedestals

image safco mobile box file

Safco Mobile Box/File Pedestals

image safco mobile box box file

Safco Mobile Box/Box/File Pedestals

image safco file file file

Safco Mobile File/File Pedestals

Lorell Mobile Pedestals

image lorell mobil box file

Lorell Mobile Box/File Pedestals

image lorell box box file

Lorell Mobile Box/Box/File Pedestals

image lorell box file file

Lorell Mobile Box/File/File Pedestals

image lorell mobile file file

Lorell Mobile File/File Pedestals

image lorell mobile 4 box file

Lorell Mobile 4 Box Storage Cabinets

Lorell File Cabinets – Stationary

image lorell stationary open box file

Lorell Stationary Open/Box/File Cabinet

image lorell stationary file file

Lorell Stationary File/File Cabinets

image lorell stationary file file file

Lorell Stationary File/File/File Cabinets

Hanging Pedestals

image hon hanginf file

Hon Hanging Box/File Pedestals

image lorell hanging box file

Lorell Hanging Box/File Pedestals

Guide to Home Filing:

Home filing systems can be tedious to set up, but once you’ve got them organized, they will change your life forever. Never again question where you put your birth certificate or that refrigerator warranty. We’ll cover how to choose a file cabinet, how to choose file folders, and home filing cabinet system categories that will get your household organized once and for all.


When choosing a home filing cabinet, consider whether or not you need it to lock. Many cabinets have this ability, but it may be less prudent for home use. What documents will you store in it? Should those documents be protected by a lock and key? If you need a locked filing cabinet, ensure that all drawers are able to lock shut before making a purchase.

Cabinet Size

Size comes down to determining how much storage you require. Think about how much storage you currently need and how much you may need down the road. How can you grow into your filing cabinets? Do you have space for a second cabinet beside the first? Consider your vertical vs. horizontal space to decide if you’ll expand out or need a tall cabinet to begin with.


Do you need to move your filing cabinet around? Many filing cabinets are equipped with wheels so that they can easily move around your home or office. If you won’t need to move your cabinet, choose one without wheels so that it won’t wiggle on you.


What do you want your cabinet to look like next to your desk? Do you want it to blend in or stand out? Consider color, texture, and drawer handle design. Choose a cabinet that matches the aesthetic of your home, or one that fits into the design of your home office space.