A holistic approach to the health of your employees would not be complete without addressing the breakroom.  Even though this room might now fit less people, it will still be in high demand for employees who need to get away from their desks and take a break. See some ideas below on how to make this room safe and functional.     

Hygiene Caddies

Hygiene caddies are designed for high traffic environments. They hold a tissue box, face mask box, and pump sanitizer dispenser. These caddies ensure employees have access to disinfectant and protective products in any space.

Disinfecting Wipes

Because of their fast kill times, wipes are great for quickly disinfecting counters, tabletops, and equipment after each use. Refillable buckets are perfect for hightouch, high-traffic areas like breakrooms.


Signage and floor decals are used to relay new company protocols that include social distancing, cleaning protocols, office traffic flow, and best practices.

Touchless Fixtures

Touchfree paper towel and soap dispensers eliminate cross-contamination and save money. Convert to a step-on waste basket to enhance safety further.

Durable Finishes

In this time when cleaning the workplace is paramount to bringing workers back to the office, you need materials that can be properly disinfected and retain their quality. Here are some durable finishes that you should know about.


While reconfiguring depends exclusively on your specific situation, there are numerous ideas to consider such as the placement of workstations, spacing, and the rotation of workers and/or furniture. We can help provide solutions to make your office meet new guidelines.

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