Breakroom Reconfiguration

Surface and mobile barriers are highly recommended additions to your breakroom. By adding mobile screens like these you can keep your existing plan with simple modifications. The team at AAA is ready to help.

Cafeterias: Providing protection in confined spaces

Highly frequented rooms such as cafeterias and canteens require special protective measures to ensure the safety of everyone. By adding tabletop partitions with acrylic glass, separation can be created without preventing personal interaction.

Placing freestanding barriers in between existing furniture in your breakroom is a quick solution that can be used in most applications. Screenflex mobile room dividers are a quick and easy solution for social distancing. Screens are 36”w X 72”h with casters.

Free Address Modular System by Stylex

The Free Address modular furniture system can direct users where to sit with seating signs and to keep the proper distance. 

Fringe by National

AAA can create multi-directional seating layouts to improve distancing and keep people from rotating towards one another. Using the Fringe product line, we can reconfigure your banquette to single seats to help minimize the amount of people that are in one space.   

While breakrooms are known for gathering, a reduction in seating will ensure proper distancing guidelines and create a safe environment.

Placing screens between existing soft seating table arrangements is another way to show this simple but effective modification.

Reconfiguring your modular seating and dining chairs to individual seats with the addition of a personal table, is one of many ways we can create distance while still sitting together.

AAA offers a variety of design options and product solutions to meet the aesthetic and safety needs for any breakroom room setup. 

A secure option showing each person in this section will have their own barrier of protection beside them.

Placing a surface barrier across or a 4-way split onto your meeting or lunchroom table will provide you with not only the protection needed, but also maintains everyone at the same table.

Breakroom Redefined

Before – 6 people

After – From 6 to 2 people

Together We Can Solve Your Reopening Challenges.

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