When an employee is on the move, whether that be in a hallway or any space in between, there are opportunities to communicate policies, traffic flow, capacity limits, and important and exciting company messaging. In addition, safety supplies may need to be added and ancillary furniture may need to be changed. See below for some ideas on how to improve movement and safety in these communal spaces.

Hygiene Stations

Hand Sanitizer floor stands are a convenient way to deploy hand sanitizer throughout your facility. Easy to deploy and move they are versatile to meet your facilities need for sanitizing options anywhere that is necessary.

Hygiene Caddies

Hygiene caddies are designed for high traffic environments. They hold a tissue box, face mask box, and pump sanitizer dispenser. These caddies ensure employees have access to disinfectant and protective products without taking up floor space.


Signage can be used to relay new company protocols that include social distancing, cleaning protocols, office traffic flow, and best practices. By putting removable signage holders in hallways it is easy to communicate when policies change.

Individual Seating

Individual seating is an easy way to set up social distancing requirements within a communal area. In addition, this seating is readily available in antimicrobial materials.

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Durable Finishes

In this time when cleaning the workplace is paramount to bringing workers back to the office, you need materials that can be properly disinfected and retain their quality. Here are some durable finishes that you should know about.


While reconfinguring depends exclusively on your specific situation, there are numerous ideas to consider such as; the placement of workstations, spacing, the rotation of workers and/or furniture. We can help provide solutions on how to make your office meet new guidelines.

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