Communal Area Individual Seating

AAA can create a space where people can congregate and social distance in style.

Astir By HON

Astir is used in open areas that require thoughtful division, to insure social distancing between employees while allowing people to congregate and interact. This collection offers a high privacy panel option that can be specified with cleanable materials such as vinyl, markerboard, and knit mesh. This product is popular in open spaces and cafés where people gather and interact.

Mav By HON

Mav is HON’s new single lounge seating line. We love its stylish and comfortable feel, and it works perfectly in any area where people come together to exchange ideas or have an informal meeting.  

Moto By JSI

Moto is a series of lounge seating and accessories that provides diverse options from private spaces to distanced group collaboration. Moto supports an array of activities with casual, comfortable, and inviting style.

AAA can create a space where people can congregate and social distance in style.

GoGo Lounge By Encore

Make room for GoGo. Cleverly hidden casters allow each model to be easily moved for quick reconfigurability, providing users with the freedom to gather for impromptu meeting and collaboration sessions or break away for individual activities.

Kruze Lounge By Boss Design

Boss Design Kruze Lounge chairs offer a high sculpted back and gently curving contours, promising outstanding sitting comfort. Its distinctive profile makes it a stand-alone statement piece to enhance any area where people congregate and meet.

Delgado Chairs By National 

AAA offers distinctive seating options that make a dramatic impression. The Delgado series incorporates clean lines and crisp details that can be enveloped by rich wood or tailored upholstery to create an intriguing and comfortable communal area.

Indie Chairs By JSI

We love this contemporary, freestanding lounge collection that embraces the current trend of a relaxed gathering space. This collection brings the feeling of home into the work environment and with an inviting selection of seating, ottomans and tables.

Chirp Stools By Encore

Chirp stools offer the perfect place to perch in comfort. Available in a multitude of finish and upholstery options, this multifaceted, compact design brims with character while providing the flexibility to suit a wide variety of café, bar, meeting, and other communal environments.

Omena Chairs By Leland International

Inspired by nature in color, form, and spirit, Omena blends right into café spaces, private offices, casual lounge spaces, and collaborative settings. The comfortable seat and the subtle curvature of the legs evokes an unmistakably calming presence.

Flock & Arrange Seating and Tables By Hon

Wherever people gather within a space, it is always best to choose several different products designed to support collaboration. AAA offers a full collection of flexible and comfortable elements that work seamlessly together. AAA can make the most of every square inch of your space.

Indie Modular By JSI

Indie’s lounge cushion collection is styled toward residential aesthetics. This collection brings the feeling of home into the work environment and creates a  space people will gravitate to.

Whimsy By National

Add spontaneous seating and cheer to any setting with the simple style of Whimsy. Static and mobile options, in varied sizes and shapes, make Whimsy the ideal addition to any gathering space.

Doko By Keilhauer

Doko is a collection of poufs and ottomans well suited for various informal collaborative and communal spaces. Made of durable easy to clean plastic, Doko pieces are ideal for high traffic areas and a knit covered version provides a cozy, at-home feel.

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