When it comes to reopening the office in this new working environment, this might be the most important area to transform as it is where employees are going to be spending most of their time. This area also governs how many employees you will be able to bring back into the office. For product solutions that will boost confidence in employees and result in a more productive workforce, please see solutions below.

Desktop Barrier Screens

Barriers create separation to your existing space, while still providing functionality. They are made with easy to clean materials to maintain a healthy workspace.

Freestanding Dividers

Mobile and freestanding screens provide an easy and productive solution to sectioning off work areas. This allows you to break up tight spaces and allow them to still fully function and be safe when reconfiguring is not an option.

Hygiene Stands

Hand sanitizer stands are a convenient way to deploy hand sanitizer throughout your facility. They are available for desktops, walls, or free standing applications.


Signage can be used to relay new company protocols that include social distancing, cleaning protocols, office traffic flow, and best practices.


Planter boxes and botanical humidifiers not only bring the outdoors in but are known to reduce stress and negativity. They can also act as freestanding screens.

Biome-Grow Planters


While reconfiguring depends exclusively on your specific situation, there are numerous ideas to consider such as; the placement of workstations, spacing, the rotation of workers and/or furniture. We can help provide solutions on how to make your office meet new guidelines.

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