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Wide variety of environments. Wide variety of solutions.

A wide variety of environments require a wide variety of solutions. Healthcare facilities, Government, Classrooms as well as the Home Office each require unique solutions to provide an environment that promotes productivity.

We provide a wide range of products to fit every environment and adapt to the changing landscape of each workspace.

Working From Home

For the first time, many people like yourself (our team included) are rolling out of bed into makeshift offices in the spare bedroom, at the dining room table, or even their couch. A desk and chair at home may not have the adjustability needed to provide a suitable long-term work environment. Deadlines and team projects necessitate tools to ensure collaboration can go on.

We recommend the following solutions to minimize the risk of injury and improve productivity.

Desktop Risers

Convert your home desk into a standing desk workstation. Risers sit on top of your existing table or desk for easy setup. Transform your work area for better productivity

Task Chairs

Comfortable seating is key to productivity throughout a long workday. Task Chairs allow you to adjust to your specific comfort ensuring that you stay comfortable throughout the work day.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Help reduce fatigue by supporting your back, hips, knees and feet so you can get all the benefits of standing while you work.


Front line facilities require specialized solutions to keep employees and visitors safe. With the unique dynamic of interaction required in these settings while attempting to maintain a personal touch, makes these facilities challenging to tackle. We have a wide ranging catalog that ensures every need can be met to ensure safe interaction and care.


Barriers allow for protection for both parties involved, while still allowing for personal interaction. Barriers are a good way of maintaining physical distance while communicating.


Signs help facilities in many ways. Increasing and controlling traffic flow, updating visitors on new policies, and general guidance are some of the many ways signs can assist.


While dividers became taboo, in the current climate it is helping facilities to assist with maintaining safety, distance, as well as privacy. Many different solutions are available to suit every need. Let us assist in finding the right solution.


One of the biggest challenges when returning to the classroom will be creating a safe environment while not hindering the collaborative nature of the education workspace. It poses a unique dilemma for the education sector that requires unique solutions. Our complete catalog of solutions will help you solve any dilemma that arises.

Facility Cleaning Equipment



Facility cleanliness is going to be at the forefront of the return to the classroom. There are many types of equipment to fit every size and type of facility. Our line of facility equipment can handle any type of situation.

Personal cleanliness has reached new heights of importance. Disinfectant and sanitizers will be necessary in all facilities to ensure a safe environment. Browse our large selection to see what fits the needs of your location.

The desk workstation has evolved many times over the years. With the current climate that has never been more necessary. There are many creative solutions to provide a workspace that is safe, productive, and can fit any situation. Contact us to see what solution works for you .

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