Lounge Seating

Astir by HON

The Astir line supports social distancing and privacy, and is easy to reconfigure for a versatile space.  

Mav by HON

Mav is HON’s new single lounge seating line. We love its stylish and comfortable feel, and it works perfectly in any area of your reception area or lounge.  

River Lounge Seating by Global

The River lounge seating line by Global offers infinite possibilities. Three back heights and benches support an endless array of configurations where people can come together and keep their distance.

Caav by JSI

Caav by JSI is a series of lounge seating that provides diverse options from private spaces to distanced group collaboration. Caav supports an array of activities with casual, comfortable and inviting style.

Lounge areas will require a reduction in seats, and/or a reallocation of existing space to achieve proper social distancing.  AAA can create quick layouts to help you visualize you space and create a safer environment.

Together We Can Solve Your Reopening Challenges.

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