Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning and disinfecting carpets contributes to a healthier, cleaner facility. We feature Clarke CRI Gold Certified carpet extractors to disinfect and clean carpets and upholstery when used with the appropriate chemicals. In addition to cleaning and disinfecting carpets, prolonging their life, carpet extractors improve indoor air quality and the appearance of your facility.

We also feature commercial grade Clarke CarpetMaster upright vacuums with single or dual stage motors, and Clarke Comfort Pak backpack vacuums featuring the latest in ergonomic design. They all come with tools on board, 3 stage filtration and HEPA filters to better clean the air of dirt and bacteria, plus they include the CRI Seal of Approval to enable earning LEED points.

As with most equipment, there are various models and features. We encourage you to have our experts work with you to select the appropriate equipment for your space and cleaning strategy.

Together We Can Solve Your Reopening Challenges.

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