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Different Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is appropriate for different environments and risks. Materials and designs differ depending on the germs or substances to which one is being exposed.

Some of the more commonly used PPE items are listed below. Be sure to select the appropriate style PPE for your application. Many remain in short supply.

Isolation Gowns

Disposable isolation gowns are used by health care professionals in contact with patients, viruses and germs. Gowns overlap to wrap around the body to cover the back.


Coveralls provide full-body protection, sometimes covering the head and feet.

Lab Coats

Where access to gowns or coveralls is limited, single-use lab coats can be worn. Preferable features include long sleeves and closures (snaps, buttons) that can be fastened and secured.

Shoe Covers

Shoe covers are frequently used where splashes occur of infectious body fluids or chemicals, and in clean rooms to prevent contamination.


Where prolonged close contact with a potentially infectious individual is unavoidable, consider safety goggles that can cover the side of the eyes.

Video Gallery

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