Private Spaces

AAA can create the perfect balance between design and function. We offer solutions that are visually inspiring and seamlessly functional in today’s new socially distanced office environments.

Trendway Wall Products

Trendway offers three wall products that work together to achieve the price, privacy, function and appearance you need.

Cocoon by Boss Design

Cocoon combines the sit and posture of a traditional desk and chair, with the comfort and feel of a sofa. The high sides, back and roof provide privacy and distancing from the surrounding environment. Cocoon can be used for meetings, collaborative tasks, or a base for the day.

Huddle Pod by Nook

Huddle can be flexible. Need a mobile meeting room, or just a small place to think and work? Huddle is the solution that works for both to take place.

Muffle by Okamura

Muffle can be used in multiple areas of the workplace. You can combine panels and a side table with a one-person sofa to create a comfortable private space.

CAAV Privacy Seating by JSI

CAAV is a series of lounge seating that provides comfortable private space options with numerous configurations. Applying high surround panels in a serpentine shape will also create privacy and protection

Lull by Keilhauer

A private retreat that is sure to bring you back into focus. Lull brings individuals down into a grounded, pensive space, away from distraction. Smooth, curved edges, softness, and noise reducing properties carefully designed into the chair create a quiet haven for the individual.

Iso Work Lounge by Arcadia

Combining the comfort of a lounge chair with partitions for privacy, Iso provides a welcome and quiet space to sit, work and focus. Seating and panel elements can be configured together to create stand-alone modules, clusters of single-user spaces, or expand into multi-user settings for various meeting requirements. Wherever personal or private space is needed within open environments, Iso has it covered.

Infinity 1 Pod by Boss Design

Imagine a space with no limits or boundaries. A thinking space. A creative space. A meeting space. A private space. These Infinity pods brings architectural value and a striking aesthetic to any workspace.

Aspect 1 Working Pod by Boss Design

This unique freestanding system provides the perfect break-out space. Whether working in solitude, focusing on a concentrated task, or working as a small group, Aspect affords the intimacy and privacy that is vital for today’s distanced office.

Office Plaza by Twofold

Twofold’s mission is to optimize limited space without sacrificing functionality. They create on-demand, space-saving furniture for every workplace environment.


With sealed doors and sound-absorbing panels, KI pods create a perfect space for focused work, phone calls and video conferences.

Solo Pod by Nook

Nook’s mobile Solo Pod was created for contemplation and concentration – away from the hustle and bustle of the busy office!

Phone Booth by Nevins

The Nevins phone booth is a solution to office noise pollution. The office booth provides privacy in an open office environment. It comes fully equipped with motion activated LED lighting and integrated ventilation, a power/USB module, and subsurface Qi charger. The user experience is also customized with the comfort of an adjustable height stool. Plus, its vast selection of finish options allows you to create a unit that correlates perfectly with your space.

Creating private spaces in an open plan environment will require a reduction in the number of seats, and a basic reconfiguration of the space to achieve proper social distancing

Together We Can Solve Your Reopening Challenges.

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