Reception & Lounge Seating

AAA can help you create a welcoming reception or lounge area, while practicing social distancing. Our soft seating offerings can be upholstered in cleanable fabrics, and can be easily reconfigured, allowing everyone to feel together while staying apart.

Create a safe environment with National’s Kozmic’s unique
combination of seating and tables.

The Kozmic lounge collection is a versatile solution for open plan, and reception spaces. With a combination of spines, seating, and tables, Kozmic provides the ability to configure a solution that is comfortable for sitting, leaning, standing, and perching.

Lochlyn by National

Lochlyn is a unique storage and shelving system that establishes space division while displaying inspiration. The cube design features a metal frame that can be built to be small in stature or grand in size. Available as freestanding or wall mounted. The architectural floating shelf units are applicable to divide space in your lobby, reception area or lounge.

IQ Seating by Scandinavian Spaces

• On casters that can lock.
• Back swivels down for work surface.
• Extremely collaborative and multifunctional.

Raven by ERG

The Raven series is a versatile design that offers limitless seating configuration to fit any lobby, reception area or lounge. The collection offers casters on most pieces for easy spacing and reconfiguration.

HON Skip Collaborative Seating | Multicolored Hard Plastic Frame

• The multicolored lightweight frame with integrated handle lets you rearrange an entire room without skipping a beat.
• The integrated handle and lightweight frame help you rearrange a room FOR SOCIAL DISTANCING without skipping a beat.
• UV resistant textured finish can be used inside or outside.
• The firm contoured back and rocker motion works great alone, but even better as a group.
• Bring more fun to your collaborative areas, reception space, open spaces, or anywhere you want a more casual approach.

Make Your Space Exceptional

West Hill™ by HON offers modern office lounge and reception seating. Explore quality pieces that blend residential style with commercial endurance for an end product that is as versatile as it is functional. Rich textures and colors create gorgeous motifs, while an ottoman attachment allows for configurations that integrate seamlessly anywhere in the office.

Office Extenders by OBEX

OBEX office extenders come in a variety of colors and sizes to make any area of your office fit social distancing guidelines. 

Seating Signs by Sandler

Together We Can Solve Your Reopening Challenges.

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