Reception-Lounge / Conference Room / Shared Work Area / Existing Workstations / Breakroom-Café / Communal Areas / Restrooms

Your employees’ health and wellbeing depends on a safe and clean work environment. AAA’s goal is to help you provide the best environment possible, making your team feel secure and valued when they return to the workspace. Explore solutions for each area you want to develop below. AAA has the products, solutions, and design concepts ready to help you re-open with confidence.


This is your first line of defense for protecting your employees and reducing transmission throughout your space.


When in person meetings resume, they will need to enable more social distancing.


Employees in the office will still need to utilize shared work areas for collaboration.


This area of the office is where your employees will be spending most of their time and needs the most attention. Boosting employee confidence will result in more productive employees. 


Despite the occupancy of these spaces being reduced due to social distancing, these spaces will still be highly coveted and used by employees. 


Check out our ideas on how to make touchdown areas, hallways, or anywhere in-between spaces safer and more engaging.


No matter the size of your office restroom, increased safety protocols are needed for this highly used, shared space.  

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