Re-Envisioning Your Workspace

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Today’s workspace is rapidly evolving.

Collaborative benching systems that fit more workers in an open plan environment need modifying. So, what is available today that creates social distancing but is also budget friendly?

In a post COVID-19 workplace, here are quick, simple, and versatile tools to keep your employees safe. With these solutions, ease your employees’ safety concerns and empower them when coming back to work.


OFS Zones: Post COVID

As we start to shift into new routines and focus on the need for healthier environments, we want to offer solutions that can help. Click here to see more details on how each zone can be modified.

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To maintain social distancing standards, we can implement a bending rail down the spine of your application. This could be the fix you need in keeping your open plan functional. Along with a pendant or trolley storage for extra protection and privacy. As a result, these formations naturally keep individuals apart, to maximize your space and ensure productivity.


Providing safe yet friendly social spaces to rebuild a sense of community will be critical for workers returning to the workplace and help find comfort in the beloved meeting spaces.

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Companies all over the globe are looking at ways to distance their employees and protect them from airborne particles. Health shields and wellness screens increase social distancing and create functional and aesthetically pleasing barriers that can be retrofitted to existing furniture.

Clarus Health Shields

Used in reception and open plan applications. Fresh modern design featuring rounded edges, and refined appearance. Made from non-porous material for easy clean and disinfecting.

Deflecto PPE Barrier Shields

A wide range of cashier shields and commercial sneeze guards are offered. Short lead times following rapid deployment and replacements. Located at point of sale areas in retail stores, pharmacies, banks, teller windows, and service counters. Application styles include: countertop, hanging, and mounting.

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Global Wellness Screens

Designed to be integrated into reception, healthcare facilities, and point of sale areas. Several mounting options allow the screens to be used temporarily or as a permanent fixture.

Global Wellness Screens Brochure (PDF)

Safco Sneeze Guards

Free standing, portable design offers quick and easy relocation and repositioning. Perfect for use at reception stations, cashier stands, teller windows, service counters, and personal desks.

Safco Sneeze Guard Brochure (PDF)

Loftwall Counter Shield

Desktop Protection screens are being used for Conference room tables, individual table settings, classrooms, dining areas, and any common area that needs some distancing factors. This cost-effective application could be your straightforward solution.

Loftwall Counter Shield Cut Sheet (PDF)

Mergeworks Enclave Privacy Plus

Provide Protection and comply with Social Distancing standards. This barrier not only reaches the length of the countertop, but also extends 8 inches over the edge for extra protection.

Enclave Privacy Plus Cut sheet (PDF)

More Barriers Available

Ghent Desktop Protective Screen Sell Sheet // Ghent Countertop Protective Guard Sell Sheet


With the evolving workplace communication with employees will be critical.  Signage is a great way to relay new protocols and reminders. Social distancing reminders, cleaning protocols, office traffic flow, and best practices are all things that can be relayed easily via signage that is highly visible throughout the workplace.  

Safco Directional Dual- Sided Signs

Dual-sided white board allows messages to be displayed for traffic coming from either direction. Pedestal base, featuring a magnetic arrow shape for desired directional use. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Deflecto Personal Spacing Disks

Protect customers and clients from COVID-19 and other virus exposures by ensuring they maintain a safe distance while standing in line. StandSafe™ repositionable vinyl disks provide durable performance and flexible design for customer lines.

Deflecto Personal Spacing Disks

Quartet Improv A-Frame Sign

Dual Sided, Freestanding Sign, maximizes visibility and is suitable for indoor/outdoor. Use this sign at any workplace location to get the word out fast to your customers!

Quartet Back to Work Solutions (PDF)

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Privacy Screens

The privacy screen was originally designed to increase privacy as well as reduce noise and distractions in the open office environment. In a post – COVID workplace, the privacy screen will not only provide the originally intended benefits but will also aid in creating a protected space.

Special T PET Privacy Screens

These privacy screens are made with naturally antimicrobial material. For open plan applications and a variety of mounting brackets are available to fit any existing work surfaces.

Special T Wellness PET Screens Spec Sheet (PDF)

Enwork Harbor Screens

Enwork Deskwrap Screens

Enwork Rapid Response Screens

Enwork Harbor Screens are an immediate and temporary solution to help get companies back to work. Perforated knock outs for optional self assembly. Ships in 24 hours beginning after Memorial Day May 26th, 2020!
Enwork’s Harbor Screens are the most cost effective option with an unbeatable price point.

Enwork Rapid Response Deskwrap is designed to retrofit all workstations, and get people back to work quickly. These screens wrap past the edge of the surface, providing that extra protection to the worker.

Enwork Harbor Screen Sell Sheet (PDF) // Enwork Rapid Response Sell Sheet (PDF)

AMQ 3F Privacy and Hanging Screens

Organic look and sleek radius corners, these screens are a cost-effective choice in bringing focused privacy to open plan. AMQ also offers hanging panels that provide sound absorption, division between spaces, and a barrier while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment.

AMQ 3F Hanging Panels Brochure (PDF) // AMQ 3F Felt Privacy Screen Brochure (PDF)

Panel System Additions

Employees are now looking for their own protected and divided workspace. Companies that are expanding and integrating new workspaces maybe stepping away from open plan and benching systems and installing more panel systems to keep their employee’s well being a priority.

Enwork Skyline Magnetic Screens

Skyline screens make retrofits easy and fast. With incredibly strong magnetic brackets, these screens attach to existing panels to increase heights and protect employees. For customization options, contact us.

Enwork Rapid Response Sell Sheet (PDF)

Hon Abound Gallery Panels & Frameless Glass

Gallery panels can be easily inserted with the use of a connector, to create a barrier between workstations. In addition, Frameless glass adds height plus protection to your workspace. Glass is a best used material for its easy clean and disinfecting properties. Contact our team if you have any questions.

Abound Brochure (PDF)

Friant Quickship Lines: Novo, Systems2, My-Hite

Friant not only offers an unbeatable price point for monolithic & segmented panels; their clean crisp design maintains a modern feel in the office. The Beam provides a glass barrier with power source. In addition to this, Friant has recently launched their SHIELD line for COVID modification.

Beam My-Hight Brochure (PDF) // Novo Brochure (PDF) // Systems 2 Brochure (PDF) // SHIELD (PDF)

Mobile and Freestanding Screens

Do you need a temporary solution to divide your workspaces while maintaining the integrity of your office? Mobile and freestanding screens allow you to break up tight spaces and create separation between employees by sliding a screen between desks. These screens provide a fast-productive solution, by creating a barrier of protection and ensuring your employees come back to work at a safe distance.

Clarus GO! Mobile

Go! Mobile is comprised of a dual sided glass markerboard, with an optional 3-wheel base design. This allows the mobile board to fit into tight spaces and in-between workstations while increasing productivity.

Clarus GO! Mobile Brochure

Explore Clarus TherMobile

Clarus Flex Wall

Flex Wall screens allow you to balance collaboration and privacy in open-concept offices while distancing employees. Flex wall has four omnidirectional wheels that allow you to move your wall from space to space with ease.

Clarus Flex Wall Brochure

Enwork Zori Freestanding Screens

Zori Freestanding screens have multiple finish and base options to match your existing space. Apart of Enwork Rapid Response collection, these screens are a perfect solution in closing off spaces. While offering multiple configurations to increase protection in the workplace.

Enwork Rapid Response Sell Sheet (PDF)

Screenflex Portable Room Dividers

Several versatile lines and a host of options can create a divider that is fit for your needs. Used in common areas, dining separation, registration, family privacy, and patient screening are available now.

Product Guide

Quartet Privacy Screens

Quartet’s universal mobile screen attaches to any workstation integrating a closed off section of privacy to your workspace.

Quartet Privacy Screens Guide

Let’s Get Your Office Set Up for Social Distancing.

Our industry veterans will walk you every step of the way to ensure your reopening is as safe as can be.

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