Shared Work Area Screens

This trim freestanding screen solution from Friant allows a minimal change to your furniture plan while accommodating social distancing practices. The Shield Freestanding Panel is ¾” thick and available in a variety of sizes and materials. Available both with and without casters.

The Enwork Zori screen can quickly slide up to the worksurface edge and is available in many different arrangements to easily make an existing workstation private. The use of a transparent material leaves this space feeling open while providing separation to employees sitting side-by-side.

Mobile screens offer a quick and functional solution to protecting individual employee workspaces.  Ghent Clear Mobile Dividers are available in clear glass or clear plastic and measure 74”h x 38”w.

Freestanding screens come in many forms. The Biome Taiga Tower screen can not only screen a work area, they also help naturally clean the air, and they have the option of having a whiteboard on the back. 

A flexible mobile screen allows for spaces both big and small to be closed off on an as needed basis. This Peter Pepper Portable Room Divider ebbs and flows with your workspace and with your employees.

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