Keyboarding Options

The most difficult part of selecting a keyboard is likely to be narrowing down the choice to the one best set for you. You’ll quickly find there are a ton of options. A good first step is to determine whether you prefer a wireless keyboard that offers you flexibility, portability and cord-free convenience, or a wired keyboard that precludes dealing with changing/recharging batteries, and will never leave you out of juice. Then simply select the ergonomic design, keyboard layout and features you prefer.

Standard Bluetooth

Standard Wireless

Standard Wired USB

Natural Bluetooth

Natural Wireless

Natural Wired

Split Bluetooth

Split Wireless

Split Wired

Apple Mac Wireless

Apple Mac Wired

Apple Mac Split Wired

Mini Bluetooth

Mini Wireless

Mini Wired

Handheld Wireless

Antimicrobial Wired

Covered Keyboards Wired

Gaming Wired

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