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In 21st Century classrooms, every space becomes a learning space. AAA Educational Solutions creates environments that are inspiring and motivating to today’s student body. Learning spaces are designed to be mobile: allowing students to work independently, team up in small groups, or come together as a large group to make presentations or watch videos.

Active Classrooms

Today’s classrooms prepare students for the collaborative work environments of their future.  Students can sit together or team up on projects and get guidance from their instructor, all in the same classroom. Check out the Artcobell catalog  or browse the Active Classrooms below for more inspiration.

Classrooms take shape

Today’s classrooms are a combination of living and learning centers. AAA designs with simplicity in mind, making the possibilities endless. Click here to read about Artcobell’s living classroom or see below for classroom shapes.

Focus Spaces For Work, Study, & Testing

Every student needs a quiet space to focus.  We create classrooms that are easily reconfigured into private learning spaces, that allow students to take tests, spend time on computers doing research, or work on projects.


Artcobell Shapes Video


HON’S Motivate Video

Face to Face Social Network Spaces

Common areas are where students can network face to face, work in groups, or find a quiet spot to focus.  Teachers can move easily from group to group or student to student.


HON Flock Video


National Fringe Video

Libraries & Media Centers

Traditional libraries are a thing of the past.  Today’s libraries have evolved into media centers. They have become the place where students go to create knowledge, not just research it.  Whether working in groups or independently, today’s libraries and media centers are an integral part of every student’s education.

Mediatechnologies Website
Mediatechnologies Mediaspace Catalog

Café & Cafeteria spaces

Kids love lunchtime! Whether discussing a class project, the school dance or their latest crush, the stories told at lunchtime are best told in a comfortable and stylish space.

Artcobell’s Uniflex Cafeteria Tables

Faculty Furniture

Teacher’s roles have evolved from transmitting knowledge and maintaining order to facilitating learning and managing learning materials.  Their furniture has also evolved. Take a look at what’s new in teacher spaces.

Hon Smartlink Brochure

Administrative Offices

Educational administrators and staff are an integral part of the learning process. Providing them with the best possible productivity solutions enables them to better contribute to the success of the educational mission.

HON 10500 Brochure
HON 10500 Idea Starter

Student Seating

To bring style and comfort to any leaning environment, start with the seating.  Students who are comfortable are more engaged and productive.  Check out our favorite seating selections.


Alphabet Seating Video


Smith Flavors Seating Video

Storage & Ancillary Products

Teachers need a system for organizing, storing, distributing and even processing materials.  Class material can be organized by class or lesson, or each student can have their own storage tote. Storage can define space and be mobile all at the same time.


Smith Systems Cascade Storage Video