Facilities Solutions

Facilities Managers have a tough job insuring clean, healthy, inviting facilities, within budget. Our facilities experts are here to help. We provide products, solutions & training that drive down your labor and product costs, insure regulatory compliance & sustainability, and provide a cleaner, more appealing environment. No wonder our customers "Love the Difference"!

Elevate Your Environment
Optimized solutions designed just for your business are only a click away. Provide a snapshot of your priorities and environment specifics, and our interactive Elevate portal will provide you with immediate quantified recommendations for your products, processes, and supply chain needs.

  • tissue paper dispensers
    Reduce your paper usage by 20% with our free dispenser program and save big on labor with less frequent refills.
  • cleaning equipment
    AAA offers industry leading cleaning machines: great results and reduced labor.
  • get started
    With our ELEVATE tool, it takes no more than 30 minutes to uncover cost-saving opportunities for your facilities!
  • cost cutting
    Did you know labor represents 90% of your total cleaning costs? Our experts provide equipment, products and training that significantly reduce labor and exposure to fines, injuries, insurance and legal claims.
  • jansan supplies
    AAA brings all the benefits of the office products channel to janitorial supplies: one stop shopping for all supplies, free next day delivery, no minimums, and easy online ordering. A real clean sweep!
  • get rid of germs
    Our solutions enable you to achieve cleaner facilities resulting in less absenteeism and healthier, happier, more productive employees!