Betco MotoMop

The Betco MotoMop is designed to replace the traditional mop and bucket for quick and effective cleaning. It cleans 4X faster than a mop and bucket, and is 38X more effective in picking up soils as measured with an ATP meter. It is compact, taking up less space than a mop and bucket, is faster to set up, and uses over 90% less water. Since it dries the floors as it cleans, it also minimizes slip and fall accidents, and eliminates the need to put up signage or take areas out of service. Betco E84700-00.
  • Cleans up to 7,320 sq ft per hour, with 2,000 sq ft solution capacity
  • Cylindrical brush with 13.5” cleaning width and 16” squeegee
  • 360 degree swivel ability
  • Front facing LED light
  • Adjustable handle height for use, travel, and storage (down to 14.4”)
  • Indicator lights for reference: Power On/Off, Battery Life, Solution Flow On/Off
  • Lithium ion battery
  • 22 lbs