Clarke EX30

Clarke EX30 Heated Portable Extractor

The result of years of extensive engineering and design experience coming together, the Clarke EX30 is one of the most powerful and user-friendly portable carpet extractors ever made. Features like upright, dolly design for easy loading, unloading and stair climbing make the EX30 easy to handle by one person. Wand caddy, retractable cord wrap and large rear wheels make the EX30 very easy to transport.


  • 12 gallon solution tank
  • 10 gallon recovery tank
  • 15' vacuum and solution hoses
  • Instant 212° F heat at the wand tip, adjustable to 145° F for upholstery
  • Dual vacuums for superior water recovery
  • 50-500 PSI, 200” waterlift
  • Retractable wrap holds vacuum & solution hoses
  • Smart circuit identifies separate powerlines to eliminate blown circuits
  • 2 25'' detachable cords
  • 12'' AquaWand standard
  • Roller handles for easy loading
  • Upright dolly design for easy stair climbing
  • Wand caddy & large 12” wheels for easy transport
  • Low solution filling area for easy filling
  • Low noise for quiet daytime operation
  • Low moisture design for faster drying
  • CRI Gold certified, may contribute LEED points

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Machines & Accessories

  • 56113178 — Clarke EX30 machine only
  • 56113180 — Clarke EX30 package
  • 56380456 — 12'' AquaWand carpet scrub wand

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