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We offer a wide variety of battery brands and sizes, to meet the needs of just about any equipment. Take your pick from alkaline, lithium and rechargeable batteries, AAA to lantern sized batteries, 1.5 volt coin/watch batteries to 9 volt batteries, or medical and hearing aid batteries.

Selections to Shop For


Battery chargers, depending on the model, recharge 1 to 24 AA-9V batteries in an hour or less, quickly restoring power to your devices. Make sure the one you want has an easy-to-read charge status indicator and allows you to monitor the status of each battery during charges. Most rechargers are equipped with a bad battery detection system that lets you know when your batteries are no longer rechargeable.

Size Matters

("Triple A”)


AAA batteries are the 2nd most popular size of battery. Triple A are often used for small electronic devices such as TV remote controls, kitchen timers, graphing calculators and bathroom scales. AAA and AA batteries are both rated as 1.5V but the AAA generates less total energy than the AA due to its smaller size. Both are available in alkaline, lithium and rechargeable options.

("Double A")


AA batteries are by far the most popular battery size. They are used in a multitude of applications. AA batteries work well for devices that require a somewhat high current draw, but are not in constant use.



Heavy-duty C batteries are mainly used for toys, flashlights and portable radios. Many automatic hand sanitizer dispensers require the use of these larger 1.5V batteries. Perfect for heavy-duty applications where cells require frequent use.



Heavier duty “D” batteries are used for devices that require an extended period of power time. They are often found powering large flashlights, and hands-free soap or paper towel dispensers. These large batteries provide hours of use and power a variety of commercial, heavy-use devices.

("9 Volt")

9 Volt batteries are generally known for their rectangular shape. They tend to be used in devices that require high voltage and lots of power. 9V work extremely well for devices like infrared thermometers, temperature alarms, and electronic portion scales. These products may all encounter extreme temperatures from food, walk-in coolers, or other kitchen equipment.

("12 Volt")


12 Volt batteries are smaller in size than 9 volt batteries. They are commonly used in small devices such as garage door openers, wireless doorbells, keyless entry devices, specialized medical devices, watches, remotes, or any application that requires infrequent but powerful bursts of energy.

("3 Volt")

Small 3 Volt round lithium batteries offers a lot of power in a compact size, making them unique compared to most other batteries. At 3 volts, the CR2032 battery is commonly used in watches, calculators, toys, and different medical devices. It provides long-lasting reliable power and has a very high weight-to-power ratio.